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Easy to explore on cycle or by tram, Den Haag, Netherlands’ 3rd-largest city is about stately apartments, world-renowned museums and regal accommodations. If Amsterdam is the official capital of the Netherlands, then The Hague, is its administrative capital. Cycle routes are swarmed by cyclists who stop for no one so be mindful on the cycling routes. In the Gothic-style Hague, perched on the North ocean bank of Netherlands, visit the Binnenhof, 16th-century Noordeinde Palace, Peace Palace and its International Criminal Court. In the city centre, next to Hofvijver, are the famed inner court and hall of the knights, Binnenhof. At the 13th-century Binnenhof, you will find yourself surrounded by the States-General, Ministry of General Affairs and the Prime Minister office building.

Ingeniously built as a ballroom, the Gothic Ridderzaal forms the core of the Binnenhof. Other neighbouring buildings form a rectangle, making a large courtyard in front and behind the complex. A shiny Neo-Gothic fountain and a statue of King William II beautify these courtyards. The 16th-century Stadtholder’s gate is guarded, by a Dutch equestrian statue, wherein, at the other side of the Stadtholder’s Gate, sits the western corner of the Binnenhof, looking out over the Hofvijver. The PM’s office is located, in the small tower in the north, called Torentje, the Little Tower. The Binnenhof is amongst the world’s most antiquated Parliament buildings still in use.

On every 3rd-Tuesday in September, the King holds his yearly speech from the throne here. This Gothic castle formerly operated as the residence of counts, shifting to a political centre in 1584. The Hague also happens to be the 3rd-biggest town in the country, with Madurodam staging an intriguing show mirroring miniature models of the famous landmarks of Holland. A visit to Madurodam had me look through old Dutch cities, its most-celebrated landmarks and well-manicured gardens. The city’s social scene is moored, by flashy casinos, Dans Theater, Mauritshuis museum and contemporary restaurants overflowing with exciting European cuisine. Den Haag’ Grote Markt and Paard are requisite halts for every visitor.

Some of the other architectural gems worth exploring are the Old City Hall, Grote Kerk, Panorama Mesdag, Skyview De Pier, Lange Voorhout, Kijkduin Boulevard, Noordeinde Palace and Chinatown. In Den Haag, I took a look at some of its speciality museums such as Madurodam, Escher in the Palace, Louwman Museum, Prison Gate Museum and Muzee Scheveningen. In ‘Escher in the Palace Museum,’ I cherished the creative-works of the Dutch artist, MC Escher. At Louwman museum, I got the chance to admire antiquated motorcycles, cars and coaches. Gevangenpoort (Prison Gate Museum) is a former medieval prison located near an 18th-century art gallery.

Wherein at Muzee Scheveningen, the 18th-century restored school building, I glanced, through the chronicles of the town’s oldest fishing village and aquatic life beneath sea level. When in Den Haag, check online for food festivals to experience the best of traditional Dutch food. Even otherwise, the city has notable restaurants where you can have great ‘dine and wine’ experiences. The most conforming cityscapes can be observed, from the Penthouse restaurant. To enjoy the city’s most high-grade Chinese cuisine, stop by the HanTing restaurant, whereinto taste most dependable Dutch flavours, hit HofTrammm and Callas. For best French cuisine visit Mazie and Publique, and get the choicest Japanese food at Mochi.

Shopaholics can shop to their heart’s content in the city centre of The Hague. From gorgeous indoor malls to famous department stores to the high-end brand boutiques at Hofkwartier, Noordeinde and Denneweg, The Hague has it all. Bijenkorf is at a walking distance of trendy fashion boutiques and concept stores. To shop fashionable clothing, saunter onward the stalls of the Haagse Markt. The stores are open 7-days a week. The renewed Foodhallen at Haagse Bluf shopping district offers a reliable Hague experience with its two bars and 12 food stations.

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  1. It was a hurried visit to Amsterdam just to see Anne Frank’s house. I missed these museums.

  2. The place looks pretty & interesting. We usually go for big names popular in tourist list and miss out on the hidden gems ? good post Veidehi

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