Your Guide to Traveling to Tamarin

Not to be mistaken with the squirrel-sized monkeys from the tropical rainforests of southern America; Tamarin is a very picturesque coastal African settlement on the western coast of Mauritius. This old fisherman’s colony is belted by hills by the Rivière Noire (Black River) and serves as a gateway to Mauritius’ time-honoured activities. Surfing, dolphin watching, and salt harvesting are all popular activities in the area. Here’s a guide to travelling to Tamarin, which has evolved into a beautiful resort destination.

Tamarin Dolphin Watching


How to reach Tamarin

Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport, located 52.5 kilometres from Tamarin in Mauritius, is the nearest airport. This international airport is well connected to most of India’s metro cities. There are three options for getting to Tamarin from the airport: bus, car, or train. Quatre Bornes is the nearest railway station, which is 30 minutes away. You can take a taxi or a bus to Tamarin from here. Buses 10 and 26 runs along transit lines that pass through Tamarin. The most cost-effective way to travel to the island is by bus, and the most convenient way to go around Mauritius is via cab. Furthermore, a self-drive car is an excellent way to see the island.

Tamarin Lodging

Where to stay

If you outstretch your water activities and surrounding island exploring, a vacation to Tamarin can be completed in as little as three days. While Tamarin has a variety of resorts, Veranda Tamarin, an island-style boutique hotel with a beachfront location that promotes sustainable tourism, attracts visitors wanting a cocoon tropical hideaway. A beach kit, which includes a beach basket, cooler, mat, and beach towels, is provided in each guest accommodation. Cycling, windsurfing, and diving are a few of the activities available on-site or in the nearby area. Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Airport is a 50-minute drive from the hotel.


Best time to visit

Except for the winters, Tamarin is humid practically all year. Tamarin is best visited in the winter, between May and December. The weather is calm and pleasant during these months, making it the finest time to visit Mauritius. During the winter, the island’s maximum temperature is 24 degrees Celsius, while the minimum temperature is 18 degrees Celsius.

Tamarin Sightseeing

Popular places to visit

Tamarin Rivière Noire

The Tamarin Salt Pans are one of Mauritius’ oldest salt farms, dating back to the 18th century. The ancestral gestures of the saunières still haunt this place. Salt was a significant commodity during the French patronage, particularly for the preservation of meat on ships, and it became an important part of Mauritius’ culture as a result. The dry crystallizers can still be found among the salt pans’ ruins. These Salt Pans are now the only ones in Mauritius where sea salt is collected in a traditional and artisanal manner in close partnership with local communities. This series of small cobblestone salt pans are near the Tamarin settlement’s entrance, towards the foot of the La Tourelle mountain.


Things to do in Tamarin

Tamarin Beach, formerly known as Santosha Bay, is believed to be the best place in Mauritius for dolphin watching and surfing. Surfers from all over the world go to the Dal and Black Stone surfing locations at Tamarin Beach. Another fantastic place for water activities is Le Morne Beach, which has Le Morne Mountain as a backdrop. Flic en Flac is the finest site to try snorkelling in Mauritius because it is the island’s longest beach. Floreal Square is the place to go for the best local products and unique handicrafts. At Flying Dodo, Mauritius’ first microbrewery, take in the aromas of beers and berries. Cascavelle Shopping Village is where you can get groceries, boutique items, and authentic Creole cuisine.

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