Reasons To Visit and Love Sweden

The Sun must shine a little brighter in Sweden since there were smiles and happiness wherever I looked. Sweden ranked as one of the world’s happiest countries is where I discovered familiarity, humility, art, and yacht culture. Also, we had no idea about Swedish culinary pleasures and skills. Above all, I came up with a billion reasons to be in Sweden and adore it. As a result, I’ve decided to share the top discoveries and ideas with you that will make you love Sweden too.

Swedes Loves Dogs

Sweden, like me, adores dogs. With their wagging tails and puppy eyes, dogs melt our hearts while leaving us hopeless. I can’t say how long pets have been kept in Sweden, but I can tell you that Swedish pets have fared significantly better than the rest of the globe. I observed folks walking their furry friends around, or taking them to fitness parks and miles of vast fields to stretch and run. In most Swedish stores, there is a department dedicated to dog gifts. Overall, living in Sweden is a dream come true for these cuddly friends who are elegantly attired, impeccably groomed, and tenderly schooled.

Swedish Food

Swedish Crayfish

I was drooling at every turn because of the Swedish delicacies. I tried everything from the incredible meatballs to the farmed Salmon, pickled Herring, and ocean-fresh Crayfish. Lingonberry, blueberry, butter, margarine, and olive oils are common ingredients in Swedish cuisine. Although, the desserts take away the cake. The fear of tooth decay keeps Swedes away from desserts during the week, except for Saturdays when gluttony is freed into a sweet disposition. For what it’s worth, the yoghurt and caramel cakes are fantastic.

Curators of Sweden

Every week, a different person manages Sweden’s official Twitter account as part of the “Curators of Sweden” project. Sweden has taken the initiative of social change to a new level by being the first country to hand up its Twitter account to its citizens. We’re blown away!

Education in Sweden

Both students and employees will find Sweden liberating. The Swedish government provides prospective students with a $200 stipend and limits adult working hours to a six-week cycle. According to Swedish legislation, the country owes each student SEK 1,050 per month by default. Sweden is confident that education is the only powerful weapon capable of changing the world.

The Swedish Escapade

The Swedish adventure allows you to stroll inside a picture-perfect postcard, only this time it’s real. Sweden, which is made up of fourteen islands and is bordered by mountains and coastal settlements, is a place where luxury meets nature at every turn. This reminds us of the Golf Club, which is located on the Swedish-Finnish border. This one keeps half of the golf ball landing holes in one nation but not the other. That’s a first since you get to compete in international competition without having to compete in a national tournament.

The Power of Swedish Passport

If you hold a British, Finnish, or Swedish passport, you may be in for a major travel surprise. Because these passports allow you to travel to more countries without a visa than any other country in the world. That’s great news for regular travellers and travel writers, since the more you travel, the more you learn.

Paid Parental Leave

Parents who give birth or adopt a child in Sweden can take up to 480 days of paid parental leave. Sweden, on the other hand, has prohibited spanking and other forms of physical punishment since 1979. After all, it’s far easier to raise a kid than to fix an adult.

Swedes are the REAL Democrats

When homosexuality was declared an illness in Sweden in 1979, the majority of Swedes called in sick to work, saying they were gay. That is what we refer to as putting democracy to good use.

Blood Donation in Sweden

In Sweden, donating blood is rewarded with official recognition. Every blood donor receives a ‘Thank you’ text after they donate blood, followed by a second text when their blood is utilised to save someone’s life. Finding out that you have saved someone’s life is nearly heroic, and that alone must drive an individual to perform more significant tasks in the future.

Swedish Weapons

Last but not least, despite being one of the world’s top weapons makers, Sweden’s military strength has not fought a war in almost 200 years.

Have you already fallen in love with Sweden? Now get out there and see it!

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