Trick To Get Your Singapore Visa in 48 Hours

The first anxiety that enkindles while visiting a new country is its visa. Every country has different visa requirements. While Schengen Visa takes up to 15-30 days with a rolling list of documents, receiving Singapore Visa in 48-hours was thrilling. I was stoked, this being my first real-time experience with anything to do with Singapore. I was taking this trip on the invitation of Dream Cruise, and after receiving essential documents regarding the flight and the stay, I applied for the e-visa at VFS. The only problem was that I received these documents just about a few days before my trip wherein, the standard time to obtain a Singapore Visa is five days.

To get started, first, fill the e-visa form online (easily downloadable on the internet), print, and keep aside. Following, get yourself a few 45.0 x 35.0 mm passport-sized photos in Matt-Finish, with visible ears, neck and shoulder. You will need only two to three pictures for visa processing. While you wait to receive your passport-size photos from the studio, obtain the latest 6-months account statement from your bank. Attach passport-photos to your visa-form, along with a solid cover letter. If applying for a visa through a travel agency, their staff will help you draft a cover letter. I, however, like to write my own as it helps me narrate the purpose of my visit accurately. If you are like me, then you must pen down precise information regarding your visit, with a subtle mention of your credit card.

Singapore Visa Form

A friend once shared this trick with me, and I guess it ‘totally’ worked! Except, I always use my credit card for all the international purchases. Just didn’t know that a mention of it could make things easier for me. Besides, whether or not Singaporean embassy tends to favour tourists who assure to use their credit card during the travel, a mention of CC won’t hurt – if you are going to use your card any which way. I then submitted my passport, visa form, cover letter, bank statement, flight ticket PNR and accommodation details with two passport-sized photographs to VFS Mumbai. On the morning of the third day, I received my multiple-entry e-visa for 30 days.

I have heard that when you apply for a Singapore visa for the first time, the embassy grants you a multiple-entry-visa valid for a month. Second time onwards, you might get a multiple entry visa valid for up to twelve months. It also depends on the purpose of your visit, whether personal or professional. Let me know if you benefit from this trade secret 😉 And feel free to share any suggestions you may have for people interested in obtaining Singapore Visa for the first time.

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