Why Use Seer Secrets Facial Mist

A face mist is so much more than just a beauty fad! More so, if we are talking about the Seer Secrets tranquillity facial mist. Seer Secrets is an organic beauty brand resulting from an alcohol-free world of products. (With each product built from 100% natural ingredients) Purposing to promote reflection and simple living, Seer Secrets relies on skincare secrets passed on to it by sages, seers and clairvoyants. Why it is symbolic of wholesome skincare curated from rare herbs.

Seer Secrets Facial Mist

Their essential framework set the ground for me to try their silverated lavender and Geranium tranquillity facial mist. I am loving, using it because it is infused with lavender, geranium and frankincense and guarantees a refreshing experience. And, of course, it tones and smoothens the texture of the facial skin. Listing the five best reasons – why you should include this facial mist with rare herbs and hydrosols in your daily routine.

Why Use Seer Secrets Facial Mist

Priced only at INR 369 for a 100ml bottle, Seer Secrets facial mist is a therapy you need to brighten a dull complexion or keep away irritated skin. A few spritzes of rosewater atomisers is all you need, and Seer Secrets has you covered, whatever your skin goals are!

Seer Secrets Mist Locks-in Hydration

Both oily and dry skin needs adequate hydration, and with Seer Secrets facial mist, you can lock in hydration with one gentle spray. Spraying this facial mist right before applying a moisturizer keeps the hydration locked in. To prevent facial mist from evaporating, I’d suggest you pat it dry with your hands or with tissue paper. For best results, first, use a toner then, the mist!

This Mist Helps Set Makeup

Another reason why I love this facial mist is that it helps me set my makeup right. Spraying the mist after applying makeup ensures a long-lasting fresh look. For a dramatic look, dab your makeup brush with the facial mist before applying the concealer, the foundation or the eyeshadow. You will be surprised by how well it blends while highlighting the intensity of the look!

Use The Mist To Set Your Hair

The best thing, about keeping a good facial mist is that apart from using it on your face, you can also apply it to your hair. It ‘kinda works like a fantastic hair freshener! I even use this mist to manage stubborn hair strands, as the spray does not wet my hair. Besides, it smells fresh while setting my hair just about right! Try and tell your experience.

Seer Secrets Mist Replaces Sticky Lotions

No matter how lightly textured a lotion be, its consistency still ends up sticky. So to beat the stickiness and to balance the density of a lotion, I spray a little mist before applying it on my face or body. This process helps my skin absorb the cream faster without feeling ropy.

The Mist Leaves Me Rejuvenated

Every time I spray Seer Secrets facial mist on my face, it instantly rejuvenates me with its sweet lingering aroma of rosewater and lavender. Day or night, adding this facial mist to my traveller’s kit has positively helped me sustain a fresh look throughout.


Lavender Hydrosol, Frankincense Hydrosol, Geranium Hydrosol, Silver Hydrosol, Citric Acid, Glycerin, Vitamin B5 and Aloe Vera extract.


  • Store in a cool place
  • Mist twice or thrice a day to get the best results
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