Gastronomy Tour Inside Salsa and Pyramisa Pune

Salsa Pune

The thrill of the Pune restaurant scene has overturned the city in the past few years, with most luxurious properties flaunting globally renowned restaurants. Salsa, the global restaurant of the Corinthians, however, is a unique experience, let alone the swooning flavors of its continental delicacies.

Salsa Restaurant The Corinthians

At first glance, Salsa welcomes you to a world of contemporary dining amid a golden collection of musician murals. Leading into a sense of serenity, imbued with weathered Pine chandeliers and luxuriously red armchairs to get the ball rolling. For people who wouldn’t mind splurging a little, Salsa has an intriguing tasting menu up for grabs.

Caramelo Maya Prawns Salsa Pune

During our 2-day stay at the Corinthians Resort and Club, we had the pleasure to indulge in some of the international delicacies that blew our mind with its authentic flavors. One of which was Caramelo Maya, which was King Prawns grilled in Mediterranean style. Slathered with Mayo, cheese, and European herbs, this incredibly-flavourful dish was served to us with a generous portion of colorful exotic veggies and a cheesy Mayo dipping sauce. Which, led us into a Mediterranean trance from the first bite to the last!

Salsa Pune The Corinthians

All along our dining excursion, we couldn’t stop drooling over the retro-themed restaurant designed to escape the chaotic city life for a de-stress fix. This exemplary fine-dining restaurant not only features multi-cuisine magic but also, the perfect ambiance to savor the gastronomic extravaganza. Undoubtedly, the finest-restaurant in Pune delivering unique culinary adventures, prompt service, and high-quality seafood prepared by the acclaimed master chefs keen bringing the best of best on the table.

Pyramisa The Corinthians Resort Pune

In the same way, Pyramisa is yet another multi-cuisine restaurant of the Corinthians famed for its authentic Indian and European flavors. Except, this one is situated by the poolside which instantly evokes a seaside Tavern vibe! Dining at Pyramisa not only brings to table the aromas of olive oil, and characteristic of the Mediterranean Sea but also, allows you to peek at some of the magnificent Egyptian structures gracing the 25-acres of landscaped gardens of the property.

Pyramisa The Corinthians Pune

Above all, this is the kind of restaurant which fills your hearts with warm cuisines, cool drinks, and dashing-palates under abundant sunshine. We think we may have found Pune’s most celebrated restaurant that takes the idea of a mealtime togetherness to a whole new level of chic. 

Pyramisa Pune Seafood Delicacies

Here’s a glimpse of two delectable dishes we savored from this lavish restaurant of the Corinthians. The first delicacy we relished was the Mediterranean seafood salad, an exotic bowl which is crisp, light, and perfectly-refreshing on a warm summer day, or for the cool Pune evenings. This particular bowl of salad came with generous proportions of Prawns, Squids, slathered with Glass noodles, Green Cabbage, Carrots, and Bell peppers. That topped with a garnishing of Thai bird chilly, Olive oil, Honey, Lemongrass, and a pinch of Coriander leaves, Chopped garlic, Lemon juice, and sea salt.

Pyramisa Pune Baked Mozarella Cheese

Our second pick of the day from Pyramisa Pune was the Baked Mozzarella Chicken, a ‘distinguished’ specialty featuring Chicken breast tossed with loads of Mozzarella cheese. Although, what adds flavor to this dish is a sprinkling of BBQ sauce, Sweet lime, Iceberg lettuce, Mashed potatoes, Grilled tomatoes, with a pinch of sea salt, and pepper.

Pyramisa Pune Interiors

On the whole, both Salsa and Pyramisa are one-of-the-finest Mediterranean seafood restaurants in Pune, as much as, they are also famed for serving the best authentic continental and Indian cuisine of the city. What adds to the experience is Salsa’s one-of-a-kind retro interior and Pyramisa’s poolside views, the type of indoor-outdoor composition that allows you to take a trip down the European seaside. In fact, both these restaurants represent a distinct approach to multi-cuisine culture, topped seamlessly with kind hospitality, and authentic dining experience.

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