Oasis Swim-Up Bar and Oceanus Cafe

The Corinthians Resort and Club is India’s only luxurious property highlighting unmatched Egyptian architecture across acres and acres of well-manicured landscapes. While the Egyptian columns, statues and obelisks take the cake away with their intriguing designs, the Corinthians also boasts some very impressive restaurants on site. Be it Oasis swim-up bar, the Oceanus, the Pyramisa or the Salsa! Although the Corinthians is my preferred property in Pune because they have splendidly blended ancient elements with modern concepts, and it’s a delight to be here to experience all of it under a single roof.

Oasis Swim-up Bar Pune

During my weekend stay with the Corinthians, I spent a large part of my time by the pool. One, I was visiting in summer, and second, the poolside of the Corinthians Resort has a very Egyptian vibe to it. In a fascinating turn of events, the Corinthians also introduced me to the most chill swim-up bar of Pune. Oasis Bar is attached to the pool in a fashion that you have to ‘literally’ swim up to get yourself a drink. However, those who may want to ditch skinny dipping may relax at Oceanus, the poolside cafe addressing an Egyptian backdrop.

The Corinthians Swim Up Bar

Despite the hot, humid weather of Pune, I had a great time at Oasis Bar and Oceanus cafe. If you are staying at the hotel, just find yourself a sunbed by the pool, grab a book on Egyptian history and get yourself to taste some of the very delicious cocktails of Pune. This tropical cove, steeped in Egyptian designs, will instantly teleport you to the world of ancient Egypt when at every mile, one would find Egyptian columns and stone roof beams peeking back at ya!

Oceanus Pune

After lounging around for a while, I swam in their lagoon-style pool, got myself a drink and then just lay in one corner soaking up the scenic beauty of this mini Egypt in Pune. On one side, notice the ochre-coloured stairs leading to a summit, from where you can observe the best views of the resort. 

The other side flaunts a well-manicured open-air banquet wherein the centre stage is dominated, by the poolside Oceanus Cafe fitted with tranquil furniture with a rare Mediterranean ocean vibe. Oceanus cafe is a fabulous restaurant to snack on salads, sandwiches and other finger food. Try visiting around sunset when the sky immerses itself in a rainbow of monochrome colours.

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