From Myrdal to Finse 1222, a Star Wars Filming Location

Finse 1222
Myrdal to Finse 1222

Flam to Myrdal was quite a fascinating trip, besides, travelling in Flamsbana alone made it worthwhile. Flamsbana, the train advances at a leisurely pace, allowing tourists to immerse in Norway’s natural beauty. We won’t lie, the phenomenal views were gripping, and so were Norway’s best snow mountains and valleys, on display. From Myrdal station, we were scheduled to travel the Bergen railway, until Geilo.

Cafe Rallaren

At Myrdal, we had about an hour and a half, in hand. Lined with red wooden panels, we found this small station adorable. Problem being, there’s only one compact-cafe on the station. Cafe Ralladen, Myrdal’s only station-cafe, is where you can catch a break over some delicious hotdogs.

Myrdal Hotdog

Cafe Ralladen is usually overcrowded with long queues, because, the outside temperature is mostly 10 degree or less. To seek shelter from the harsh chilly weather, most passengers spend their time inside the cafe. In fact, the carpeted-flooring is so clean that passengers don’t mind sitting down for a bit.

Cafe Rallaren Espresso

We were lucky to find a table, in time, which let us re-charge our phones. In the meanwhile, we stood in the queue, to buy steaming hot-dogs and a hot cup of espresso coffee. Later, we also gave in to the temptation of trying a carrot cake slice, loaded with whipped cream. Bergen railway was expecting a delay, which bought us some more time in Myrdal.

Myrdal travelling

So, we ventured out and began to speak to the travellers. Most of them were Germans! But, we still managed to communicate with each other, in broken English.

Finse Apartment 1222

A German couple then, told us how excited they were to take a night’s halt at Finse 1222. Which, by the way, was our next stop on the Bergen line.

Myrdal Station

Apartment 1222 Finse, is a filming ground of the Star Wars series, the empire strikes back. So, we are guessing every Star Wars fan would find this town as electrifying as we did.

Finse 1222 Norway

We didn’t get a chance to discover the Star War locations of Finse 1222 this time. Nevertheless, at the moment, the thrill of a sweet nostalgia took us back to the masterfully-designed series of Star Wars. Can’t wait to return, to explore the filming locations though!

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