Maybach Strolly For Business And Leisure Travel

One of the four bags that made our travel companions, during our one-month-long Europe trip, was the chocolate-coloured Maybach Strolly. A top of the line luggage designed ‘especially’ for the business travellers. At first glimpse, Maybach Strolly appears to be a melting bar of chocolate, finished with almond coloured elemental ornamentation. Then, you break away from the trance, to closely observe the subtle contrast of the browning shades that makes this luggage a preferred choice.


VIP Bags Maybach Chocolate Plush Interiors

The interiors tend to grow on you with time, for there is a compartment to suit every need. This business travel timepiece comes with a detachable suitor’s kit, toiletries pouch, and separate segments to pack your things. The other colour, up for the grabs, is the paragon Champagne shade, yet another aesthetically designed baggage. Maybach Strolly is an upscale hard-shelled polycarbonate bag which is not only, a style statement, but also, a traveller’s delight for many other reasons.

MayBachStrolly VIP Bags India

VIP Bags112



Luxury ultimately breaks down into comfort and the delight of staying organized without having to worry about it. Which is what, this luggage provides for, with its 4-wheeler spins, luxe interiors, and TSA lock to avoid a hassle at the airport. (or otherwise, because it’s always good to have an extra inbuilt lock to double secure your belongings) The transparent toiletries pouch was an added benefit, for it helped us locate things at a much faster rate. From the spinner wheels to the lavishly designed interiors, this luggage designed by, VIP Bags is a business traveller’s pride. We love Maybach Strolly inside-out and we, know that so will you! Available in 3 different sizes (Cabin, Medium, and Large) and two unique shades, Maybach Strolly is a must-have for frequent travellers. 

Maybach Strolly Luggage Dimensions

Small Cabin Luggage (55 cms) – 34.7 X 24 X 55.7
Medium Size Luggage (67 cms) – 44.6 X 28.3 X 66.5
Large Size Luggage (78 cms) – 52.5 X 32 X 76.3

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