Maranello Ferrari Museum Where the Black Prancing Horse Resides

Italy is home to several wonders, whether it be, architectural marvels or museums dedicated to luxury cars. Northern Italy, in particular, boasts three museums ‘solely’ dedicated to the fast and furious. These museums are located, in the small towns of Modena and Maranello. Globally recognised as the home of Formula One and Ferrari, both these towns flaunt an exclusive collection of sports and racing cars. Along with some prominent trophies! Of both these locations, Ferrari first found its home in Maranello in the early 1940s. In fact, as soon as, you enter the land of Ferrari, Maranello, you will begin to see thunder cross your paths several times in the form of Red, Black and Yellow Ferraris.

Ferrari Museum Entrance
Ferrari Museum Entrance

This facility was further, expanded to Modena during World War II. Maranello is not only, where the Black Prancing Horse resides, but also, the starting point of the annual Italian Marathon, that sees its finish line in Carpi. Therefore, by all means, the Maranello Ferrari Museum is a paradise for a car connoisseur where one can enjoy the brand’s racing experience in so many ways.

Ferrari Museum 3

At first, when you step inside the Ferrari Museum, you are bound to get overwhelmed by the brand’s presence. From the entrance to the restrooms, this museum displays crisp graphics of the true-art of Ferrari’s performance. In company with other historical objects, photographs and prizes related to the history of this grand Italian brand. The museum was established in February 1990 near the Prancing Horse Factory. Today, it contains a permanent section dedicated to temporary exhibitions. Amongst other sections, you will also come across the remarkable hall of victories, which celebrates the journey of the World Championship F1 cars between 1999 to 2008.

Inside Ferrari Museum Maranello

This is where you will get to see the original helmets of the World Champions Pilots, as well as, more than 110 winning trophies. While you are here, begin your trip by listening to the roaring Vroom Vroom sound, of the 90s or the recent Ferrari engine. Thereafter, proceed with the museum tour that will take you through a wonderful 70-year history of the magnificent Formula 1 cars. Unlike Modena, the Maranello Ferrari museum is all about F1 single-seater world champions and racing cars. The Ferrari museum is segregated into 3 sections. The 1st section is dedicated to interactive activities. Here you can try the professional Formula 1 simulators. The 2nd section is devoted to racing and road cars. Throughout this tour, you will discover an impressive collection of 40 cars from the 500 F2 to F2004.

Ferrari Museum Maranello

In 1952, 500 F2 brought Ferrari its 1st-world drivers’ title with Alberto Ascari. F2004, on the other hand, celebrates Michael Schumacher’s Grand Prix win. Some of the models that will draw in your attention are the Ferrari 340 MM, Ferrari F40, Ferrari 166 INTER, Blue Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta, Ferrari DINO 246 GT, Ferrari F12 TDF, and the superfast 2017-built Ferrari 812 with 800 horsepower. Throw in a few limited edition V12’s as well. The whole display will make you wonder as to how they can even afford to have so models sitting idly in the museum. The car exhibition changes every year.

Ferrari Museum DifferentCars

Ferrari Museum Formula1Cars

The further you stroll, the more you’ll learn about the contents of the car. For instance, I had no idea that Ferrari’s first frame was made of wood. Finally, the 3rd section is where you will find the evidence of wins pinned by Ferrari’s world championship drivers. The trophies in the hall will tell you everything about the race cars that became champions on the race track. The best sections, however, is the one that houses information on Mr Enzo Ferrari. This section is your chance to re-live the myth of Maranello’s red cars. In addition, they also have a Cinema Room where you can watch redolent movies of Ferrari.

Ferrari Museum Trophies

Trophies Ferrari Museum

The first time, your head will spin when you first sight those many Ferraris, at a time. Let’s agree powerful and luxurious cars evoke adrenaline, on another level. Which is why, every fanatic of slick race cars must make a pilgrimage to Maranello, in Italy someday. The factory, however, strictly limits tours inside its facility. No photography or videography here! Toward the end of the museum, you will find the interactive section where you can have your picture taken in a Ferrari for $29. For the digital and printed photo, you pay €20 for a 20×30 cm or 7,85×12 inches photograph and €15 for a 15×23 cm or 6×9 inches picture. You may also take a 7-minute drive in a semi-pro F1 race car simulator for €25. Car connoisseurs may stock up on the official Ferrari merchandise and souvenirs at the gift shop.

Outside Ferrari Museum

The Maranello Ferrari Museum offers exclusive shuttle bus tours to the Fiorano track and Viale Enzo Ferrari boulevard in the factory complex. The historic part of the factory is equally interesting and has been meticulously preserved ever since 1947. The Ferrari Campus, the heart of the complex is where all the Prancing Horse cars are built. Visitors must remain on the bus at all times throughout the tour, and both photography and videoing are prohibited. After you’ve bought your ticket, take the stairs to the first room of this exhibition.

Book online ($18 / £14 / €16)

Recommended Tour Time: 12:30 PM or 1:30 PM

Opening Hours: The museum is open every day, except, for Christmas and New Year.

April – October: 09:30 AM – 7:00 PM

November – March: 09:30 AM – 6:00 PM

You can also rent an iPad in the museum. This interactive audio guide will cost you €5 for one session.

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