Visit Maharashtra: The Gateway of India

Maharashtra, India’s 2nd-largest and second-most-populous state, is a sweeping illustration of India’s most famous sights. Maharashtra originally appeared in the 7th century in the account of Huan Tsang, a contemporary Chinese explorer. Since then, it has been ruled by many Islamic rulers through its golden age, notably the Deccans and Mughals. To truly understand Maharashtra’s soul, one must journey deep into its innards. You’ll be both amazed and awed by the vast array of sceneries. Within the Ahmednagar, Dhule, Jalgaon, Nandurbar, and Nashik neighbourhoods in the extreme north of the state, temples, forts, vineyards, lakes, caverns, and riches loom.

Maharashtra colonial-era hill stations to lush-green vineyards

Central Maharashtra highlights the Ajanta and Ellora cave trails, some of Maharashtra’s most famous landmarks, a toy railway in Matheran’s colonial-era hill station, pilgrimage sites, and alternative spiritualism. Some of the state’s most beautiful national parks and Tiger Reserves are located to the east. The rousseauistic Konkan Coast, in the extreme west, flutters beside the Arabian Sea, showing forts, sandy beaches, Malvan cuisine, and India’s top diving centres. Maharashtra, formerly ruled by the Marathas, is today India’s wealthiest business centre.

Maharashtra Popular Attractions

Green national parks around flowing roadways, palm-fringed beaches, archaic caverns nestled away in lush foliage, Unesco World Heritage sites, grape-wadded vineyards, and buzzing metropolitan towns await you as you travel across the state. Maharashtra offers a plethora of opportunities for all types of travellers. Mughals, Kadambas, Satavahanas, Rashtrakutas, and Maratha empires have ruled Maharashtra for ages. By visiting the state’s forts, world heritage sites, ruins, and religious sites, you may immerse yourself in medieval tales.

Visit the forts of Raigad, Sinhagad, Shivneri, Vijaydurg, and Rajgad, as well as Fort Torna, Shivaji’s first conquest at the age of 16. Shivaji’s ballistic successes are echoed in each Fort. Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, and Nagpur are some of Maharashtra’s most well-known cities. The Marathas were based in Pune. Nashik is India’s wine capital, whereas Nagpur is the country’s winter and orange capital. Mumbai is the country’s business and fashion hub. Despite being surrounded by seven states and the Arabian Sea, Mumbai has a significant influence on Maharashtra’s culture.

You will see the conventional customs laying via Maharashtrian merriments no matter where you go in Maharashtra. Observe Maharashtrians’ distinctive dress while travelling between cities. Men in tier III cities often sport a dhoti kurta with a pheta topi and a bandi waistcoat, while women wear Nauwari sarees with modest gold jewellery and traditional chappals. As you get closer to the Tier II and Tier I cities, you’ll notice that individuals are dressed to the nines.

Malvan Katta Crab Thali

Maharashtra is home to the Godavari, Narmada, Tapti, and Krishna rivers, as well as some of India’s most delectable coastal cuisine. Bombil Thali, Butter-Garlic Crabs, Clam Sukka, Crispy Mandeli fish, Fish Gassi, and Whitefish dishes are some of the local delicacies. Vada Pav, Misal Pav, Aamati, Pithla Bhakri, and Bharli Vangi are some of the local foods to try.

Mumbai, The City of Dreams

Mumbai, the city of dreams, or as it is more often known, the city of lights, is a metropolis with a unique flair. The only city in India where the rich and the poor can coexist in harmony. Even though there is a distinct divide between modern Mumbai and the traditional culture of the city’s past, the people of Mumbai continue to be known as Mumbaikars. You may enjoy a prosperous lifestyle in Mumbai, as well as some of the world’s most recognisable landmarks from the Indo-Saracenic, Gothic, and Victorian periods.

We recommend that you see the Gateway of India, Royal Bombay Yacht Club, the Mahakali Caves, the Sri Siddhavinayak Temple, the Rajabai Clock Tower and the High Court before leaving this commercial centre of India. You may get a taste of Mumbai by visiting these locations, but it would require numerous visits to really see the city.

Pune, the Base of Marathas

Pune, the second-largest city in Maharashtra, is a fascinating place to explore. The Marathas and the Peshwas, the Marathi-speaking peasants who became warriors, once ruled from Pune. It was only in the 16th century that the empire endured, although it is still celebrated today. There are around 17 forts in this region that were conquered by the emperors who ruled this area.

Aside from the Aga Khan Palace, a prison for Mohandas Karamchand and Kasturba Gandhi during the Quit India Movement in the 18th century, Pune is well-known for its regal past. As a bonus, it’s home to both Kasturba Gandhi’s crematorium and Mahatma Gandhi’s memorial. Interestingly enough. The 8th-century Pataleshwar Cave Temple in Pune is a must-see among the city’s other famous attractions.

Nashik, the Wine Capital of India

Nashik, an old Indian city, is known for its gorgeous surroundings and wineries. The holy city of Nashik, surrounded by orchards and vineyards, gave rise to a new term: wine tourism. Exotic farms dot the landscape from Sula to Tiger Hill to Vallonne and Chateau D’Ori in Nashik. Nashik is also known for its connections to the ancient epics of the Ramayana. Many believe that Lord Ram bathed in Ram Kund, a popular pilgrimage site. Many temples in the area honour the visit of Lord Rama to this ancient city. The Trivashmi Hills in the city are home to the Pandavleni Caves, which date back to the 1st century AD.

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