Luxurious Suites in India Which Ensure a Quality Breakthrough

A nation as unique as India should only be visited, most sumptuously. When I imagine myself immersed in a magnificent sanctuary of leisure, I feel ecstatic. Among all the picture-perfect sites in India, some of the best hotel brands continue to raise the bar by presenting you with one-of-a-kind Suite grandeur combined with tantalising delicacies. Some hotels wow you with their architectural designs, others dazzle you with their vistas and exceptional service. Hand-crafted art, gorgeous chandeliers, whirlpool baths, pillow menus, and giant comfortable mattresses make you feel like you’ve walked into a fairy tale. So if you want to make your Indian vacay stand out, check out these luxurious suites, which ensure a quality breakthrough.

Renaissance Mumbai Powai Lake Suite

If you ask me, nature’s design is the greatest luxury of all times! This is especially true in Mumbai, India’s busiest cosmopolitan metropolis. As a result, not only does Renaissance Mumbai top my list of Indian suites, but it also puts to life the saying, “Adopt the pace of nature, its secret is patience.” This is Mumbai’s unique lake view resort, with stunning Powai Lake views abounding everywhere, but what sets it apart is its exceptional service. I had the opportunity of exploring the wonderful Powai Lake Suite during my stay with Renaissance Mumbai, which covers two magnificent floors with a separate sitting space and bedroom.

Powai Lake Suite Views

The master bedroom on the first level has an open bath concept, whilst the living room has an enclosed washroom. Above all, the ever-stunning Powai Lake vistas will find a way to massage a gradual calm into you, regardless of where you choose to sit. That, and the restaurants with panoramic water vistas that provide a glimpse of the world’s greatest culinary traditions. Whether Oriental, Italian, or Indian, they have it all! Crispy Lotus Stem and Scallops at Emperor’s Court are highly recommended.

Enjoy the traditional Indian buffet at Nawab Saheb and the breakfast at the lake view café for a more continental palette. Suite guests get exclusive access to the executive lounge on the 36th level, where they may use binoculars to observe crocodiles in the lake.

Club Junior Suite of Noor-Us-Sabah Palace

For two days, the arching domes, beautiful architecture, and constant regal hospitality of Noor-Us-Sabah Palace made me feel like a Queen. The magnificent skylines of Bhopal give a bit of flair to this hilltop lakefront home. Sultan Shah Jahan Begum’s father constructed Noor-Us-Sabah Palace for her! As a result, the emotional mood of the hotel’s basic architecture is what genuinely defines its base. However, it was in those majestic corridors with crimson pillars and marble flooring that I first felt like royalty. Aside from the architectural splendour, this location is flanked by several ‘beautiful’ courtyards that are worth exploring.

Noor-Us-Sabah Palace Club Junior Suite

A great city view can be observed from the junior suite. That’s not all; at night, the waterfalls, as well as the dining scene, come alive. This leads me to the Noor-Us-Sabah food scene, which serves some of the most authentic Bhopali specialities. Every single one of them is presented in a magnificent style! I’d say, request a room with a balcony, dine on real Bhopali cuisine, and spend the evenings stargazing by Marble Arch’s poolside. During your stay at Noor-Us-Sabah Palace, you will be treated like royalty.

Runway View Taj Santacruz Junior Suite

Just when I thought Mumbai city views, no matter how beautiful, were ageing, Taj Hotels debuted a new property with something ‘interesting and utterly’ startling. The new Taj Santacruz is an airport hotel in the heart of India’s economic capital that offers an ultra-luxe variety of “FIRST-EVER” runway suites. By allowing you to watch planes take off and land from the comfort of your bed, they have brilliantly redefined luxury.

Taj Santacruz Junior Suite Bed

Upon arrival, a bottle of fine wine was waiting for me in the large junior suite. And, coincidentally, I saw the first plane take off right after I poured myself a glass of wine. However, my favourite part of my time here was the ensuite bathroom! Everything was designed to let me rest, replenish, and regenerate, from twin basins to an open jacuzzi. The cuisine is the second greatest thing about this hotel. Overall, both the suite and the in-house multi-cuisine dining rooms epitomise luxury, gently combining traditions in a modern context.

Highly Recommend: Request a Runway View Suite and take advantage of Tiqri’s cuisine festivals to get a true taste of India and Mumbai.

Indore Marriott Junior Suite

Madhya Pradesh is a lovely state, and Indore, its commercial capital, is a ‘great’ city worth visiting. One thing that has stayed constant in the last year of all of my trips to Indore, is ending up at Indore Marriott. I was blown away by the quality of the cuisine and service when I first stayed in their delightfully modern Junior Suite. That drew me back to the property time and time again.

Marriott Junior Suite 1101

Indore Marriott is without a doubt the most exquisite hotel in Indore, and it is the one that will magically transform your regular trip into an unforgettable vacation. While you’re here, try to meet Executive Chef Vivek Kalia! He’s the mastermind behind the Indore Marriott’s culinary success, and just a few minutes with him will have you salivating over anything you’re devouring on the premises.

Recommendation: Request a junior suite with a view of the garden. Enjoy poolside stargazing, Chef Antara’s Calzone Pizzas, Hemanth Sharki’s Oriental specialities, or ask Chef Vivek Kalia to create a personalised dining experience for you.

The Corinthians Suite

In India, Egypt is a ‘REAL’ whim! And until I checked into the Corinthians Resort in Pune, I had no idea. The Corinthians in South Pune is sure to amaze you with its ‘vast’ splendour, which includes Egyptian columns, well-kept gardens, and a separate swim-up bar. During my visit, I slept in a big Suite room at the Corinthians, which featured one of the largest washrooms I had ever been into. Plus, there’s a sultry Jacuzzi! The suite was luxurious, with top-of-the-line modern amenities such as a foot massager in the room.

The Corinthians Suite Room

Once you’ve toured the 25-acre property, trust me when I say, you’ll be yearning for foot reflexology! When it comes to the cuisine, each of Corinthians’ restaurants is exquisite, but you must try the breakfast on the suite terrace, regardless of where you have your lunch or dinner. Overall, a fantastic location for an Egyptian-style holiday without having to travel to Egypt. Sample the draught beer at the 1st Brewhouse and get a beverage from the Oasis bar inside the pool while you’re here. There are lots of activities to enjoy during your stay, from a swim-up bar to pharaoh statues.

Victorian Suite, Jhira Bagh Palace

It’s not every day that you walk into a hotel and are offered the opportunity to stay in a Victorian Suite, which was meticulously created during the Victorian era. That’s why arriving at Jhira Bagh Palace was such a great experience. Acres and acres of agricultural land surround this whitewashed mansion in the middle of Dhar, a tiny district in Madhya Pradesh. The whole point of going to Jhira Bagh Palace and staying in the Victorian Suite was to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life while yet being able to connect with the Malwa region’s heritage.

Jhira Bagh Palace Victorian Suite

I’m delighted I made it since this country retreat’s amazing warmth and services helped me cleanse for two days. Whether it’s a farm tour, high-quality organic meals, sleeping in the Queen’s suite, swimming in a pool frequented by peacocks, or dining at the royal table, there’s something for everyone! Everything about this property cries the 18th-century colonial period. While you’re here, be sure to check out the antique collection!

Highly Recommend: Book a colonial suite. One of the 300 peacocks chooses to show off his dance skills every day at 5 p.m. So don’t miss it! Also, go on a farm tour in the morning, which is organised by the property and begins at 8 a.m.

Executive Suite, Radisson Blu Indore

After Marriott, Radisson Blu is the second-best hotel in Indore. The Radisson Blu’s large choice of suites, while being built in a small space, is what makes it function. I was blown away by the spaciousness and vistas of the executive suite when I initially arrived. It not only has magnificent interiors with sophisticated furniture, ornate chandeliers, a powder room, a walk-in wardrobe, and even a whirlpool jacuzzi, but it also features mountain views from the lap of luxury. While you’re here, visit their Sky Spa, which provides some of the greatest treatments in town. I also had access to the executive lounge and the rooftop pool as part of the Suite. Overall, a nice experience!

Radisson Blu Indore Night View

Recommendation: Taste forgotten Royal recipes at Indiya Oye restaurant and get a chocolate wrap at Sky Spa. Ni Hao’s Sushi platters and dumplings are the best in town if you prefer Asian cuisine.

Studio Suite, Marriott Suites Pune

Marriott International has opened the Marriott Suites in Pune, which is yet another beautiful facility. Marriott Suites, located in Koregaon Park, is an elite Suite-Only facility with a variety of suites and serviced flats. Each suite comes with a kitchenette, a separate dining space, a balcony, an ensuite bathroom, and the greatest of facilities. They also feature an outdoor pool, partially shaded by trees. But the most unusual aspect of my visit was getting a revitalising ‘Thalgo’ facial at the Sakura Spa on-site.

Studio Suite Marriott Suites Pune

The indoor gym and squash court are available to sports enthusiasts and families with children. The in-house Italian restaurant, in particular, was a huge letdown; nonetheless, the lounge bar is still worth a try.

Highly Recommend: Get a Thalgo facial at the Sakura Spa and relax in the Oak Lounge, which has live music and finger foods.

Express Suite, Express Inn, Nashik

Whether you’re in Nashik for a business meeting or a weekend getaway, the right hotel will transform your impression of Maharashtra’s fourth-largest city. Taj Gateway, for example, will make you feel like royalty, Sula Vineyards will show you around India’s wine centre, and Express Inn will take you to the 1st-century Pandavleni Caves. I stayed in the Express Suite, which overlooked both the Pandavleni Caves and the Buddha Vihar, during my stay at Express Inn and liked it here.

Express Suite Express Inn Nashik

The suite has all of the contemporary conveniences and a huge comfortable bed, but the in-house restaurants’ Aster and Le Bar Salon fall short of the culinary standards. Nonetheless, there are other ways to have a good time through your visit! Take a swim in the outdoor pool, exercise in the fitness centre, or book a Spa treatment at the in-house Salon.

Highly Recommend: Book a suite with a view of the Pandavleni Caves and get a wrap or massage at O2 Spa.

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