Kyro’s Best Summer Cocktails – What’s your Poison?

I am celebrating my 100th Blog by writing about Kyro’s awesome summer cocktails! If that’s not a cool celebration, what else could be! To begin with, Kyro Bar hosts each event in an extraordinary manner. Kyro knows what occasions mean to you, and they are dedicated to deliver an unforgettable experience. As a matter of fact, Expect little magic with every sip of that early 17th century special blend! Cocktail is an old era metaphor used for an alcoholic beverage, that consists spirits along with fruit juices and cream. Although Kyro also made me fall in love with their classic versions of Liquor. By all means, Let’s explore the menu.

Chilli Gun Murgund

Experimenting with exclusive booze is entertaining! Although it gets serious when you are about to taste something created by the owner. The expectations were high, and Karan Verma delivered better than the best. Chilli Gun Murgund was a wonderful surprise, and my favourite drink of the night. In fact I liked it so much that for some time I don’t intend to order any other drink at Kyro. A very smart innovation by Karan Verma, who introduced a summer cooler with the potency of chillies and an after taste of pani puri and Vodka. Interestingly, this chilli base drink is not too spicy but it has this pungent flavour which will leave you wondering about its ingredients. I couldn’t get the owner to spill the beans or the recipe, but please do try this one at Kyro peeps. 

Strawberry Margarita

This one is a refreshing twist to a classic Margarita. An exquisite blend of Tequila, Strawberry juice and Triple Sec with a splash of Lemon juice. Must say, that the creative bartenders at Kyro are consistently pushing the boundaries and introducing a fusion of flavours.

Classic Martini

Combat the Summer heat wave with Kyro’s classic chilled Martini this year. A cooler made with Gin and Vermouth and garnished with beautiful green olives. This is a classic drink for a sophisticate palate. A perfect dry Martini for my taste!

The Transfusion

This drink is Kyro’s Exotic Summer cooler! A beverage which is most commonly served at Golf clubs and country clubs across America. A glass full of Strawberry, Ginger Ale, Grape juice, Lemon, Mint and Vodka. I think ‘Transfusion’ must be served in copper jiggers to hide its appearance. That ways the flavours get a chance to dominate the original essence of the drink.

The Kiwi Delight

Next on the list was Kiwi Delight, a delightful blend of Kiwi, Mint and Vodka. Interestingly, this is a well balanced cocktail that emits a wonderful acidic flavour of Kiwi. The tanginess of Kiwi makes this blend striking, and the freshness of Mint adds an extra zeal. It’s a smashing vibrant summer cooler, and a delight for fruit lovers.

The Black Currant Cooler

Summers invite Vodka based long drinks. At Kyro you can either let your bartender framboise Black Current, Grapes, Lemon juice and Ice cubes with Soda or Vodka. You could also ask for a Long Island Ice Tea variation with Black Current, although that will cost you more than the classic version. 

Whiskey Sour of Kyro Indore

This one is a whiskey-based summer drink with an intense flavour of Brix and Barrels. That is to say, that this drink could easily pass as Kyro’s signature drink. Brix and Barrels may be your next Hogwarts School of summer drinks Peeps. Come find your magic here, and they also play some cool music. 

Guests ordering Food from the Bar will soon be entitled to this Liquid Freshener shot on the house. It’s yummilicious, and this is how we closed the night at Kyro. Three Cheers to Kyro for organising a terrific Tasting Tour, and for having me over! 

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    1. Thanks for reading Kalpana 🙂 Black Current sure has a distinctive taste but you have to try Chilli Gun Murgund as well..It’s way too delicious for a cocktail 🙂

    1. Thank you for reading Alok 🙂 They have a lot many cocktails on the menu..I’m sure the Bartender can work his magic around Martini base and give you something more magical 🙂

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