Marriott: Italy To Indore Food Festival

Pizza, pasta and Michelangelo – these three pretty much sum up Italy – don’t you think? So to celebrate an Italian feast with Chef Nicola Costa from Italy, Indore Marriott curated an “Italy to Indore” food festival that will allow the guests to take delight in savouring some of the best Italian dishes one can get their hands on. Italian cuisine is sophisticated comfort food, and in Indore, Marriott left no stone unturned to feature authentic food to its esteemed patrons.

Indore Marriott Italy to Indore

By launching “Italy to Indore,” Marriott has set out to put Chef Vivek Kalia and Nicola Costa’s cooking skills to test and let these gastronomy experts take on the Italian challenge. This food festival kicked off with a noble cause as Indore Mariott first baked the city’s longest pizza with and for the underprivileged kids, and then they opened the doors to their food festival for the rest of the world.

Marriott Indore Italian Food Festival

Italy to Indore is driven, at Indore Kitchen, the all-day dining of Marriott that welcomes you to a decor outfitted in red and green of the Italian flag. These colours represent faith and charity, just like the event planned by the Indore Marriott. The interiors, however, showcase ample Italian elements paired with a culinary focus to build memorable mealtime togetherness for the entire family.

Marriott Pumpkin Mushroom Soup

On the opening night of the festival, Indore Marriott invited me to sample their Italian menu curated by Chef Vivek Kalia and Nicola Costa. And this set menu allowed me to get a taste of all the incredible offerings worth digging. For the 1st-course, I received a Tuscan favourite i.e. an authentic Italian pumpkin and wild mushroom soup slathered with truffle oil that adds density and makes flavours stand out. The soup was further, garnished with mushroom toppings to balance the sweetness of the pumpkins. A very delicious first course, indeed!

Marriott Indore Cappelletti Pasta

For the 2nd-course, I tasted the little hats of Cappelletti Pasta, Italian Arancini with Bocconcini Cheese, Sicilian Rice Balls and a variety of pizzas loaded with mozzarella, cheddar, ricotta, parmesan and burrata cheese. Chef Nicola Costa was too kind to allow, me to bake my own pizza to get hands-on experience with Italian cuisine. 

Tuscan Pork Belly

He described the appropriate techniques, allowing me to understand the delicate art of baking a delicious pizza. For the main course, I had the pleasure to savour an exciting mix of Tuscan pork belly, ravioli, fried prawns and creamy Polenta with parmesan and shiitake mushrooms.

Marriott Indore Parmesan

This fantastic dinner concluded with even more fantastic desserts. And I also managed to cheat a little with the French roll-ups oozing with caramelized custard and exceptionally soft and delicious eclairs on the side.

Indore Marriott French Roll ups

By and large, this was a marvellous tasting session that not only introduced me to some of Italy’s most authentic dishes but also its various types of cheese. Whether you are a resident Indorian or visiting Indore for business or leisure – drop by this Italian fare at Indore Marriott to instantly get teleported to Italy itself.

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