Historic Gurudwara Topkhana Sahib In Indore

Amongst all the remarkable landmarks in Indore, one excellent illustration of architectural-coalition is idling on Mahatma Gandhi Road, opposite Indore Press Club in Khatipura. It is none other than Gurudwara Topkhana Sahib, one of the historic Sikh Mandirs of Indore. I may have forded it a zillion times in the past, but today, I chose to stay and get to know its story. Not much is written or known about this striking yet unconcernedly tucked away temple, graced with intricate Mughal and Rajput style architectural designs. The designs, however, foretell a staggering tale of antiquity.

Topkhana Sahib

This entire Gurudwara is draped in the hues of Scarlet red and gold. As soon as you walk inside this Sikh Temple, you will find yourself disengaged from the bordering chaos. The instrumentality will gently fade away in the backdrop, and the scent of khus-khus (Vetiver) will grow more apparent. On the day I visited this Gurudwara, it was closed for some ongoing renovation work. So I had to do with courtyard sauntering!

Main Gurudwara Indore

Marked by a set of iron gates, the entrance of this magnificent Gurudwara features gold-painted lions on either side. Trace the Scarlet red walls to the golden domes, and you will be greeted by Jharokha Windows, embellished with timeless layouts. I had a deep desire to trace the historical roots of this humble Sikh Mandir but, I could not find staff who could divulge authentic information on the subject. Not even the shop owners across the road, whose generations have grown watching this majestic temple.

Jali Designs Topkhana Sahib

Indore is home to many Gurudwaras, each absolving balance and compassion. However, Gurudwara Topkhana Sahib holds an imperative spot in Indore’s religious history. For centuries, this resounding temple has gone out and out to preserve social harmony and build faith. I will update this article as soon as I find out more about this holy place of worship. In the meantime, if you happen to drive past MG road in Indore, do check out this beautiful Sikh temple.

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