Most Surprising Cities to Visit in France

France is about iconic landmarks, world-class art, cafe terrace culture, village markets and lace-curtained eateries with their dish of the day board chalked. The excellence of La Belle France rests in its culture vacillating in diversity. Making it, the world’s top tourism destination with millions of visitors flocking to the French realm to devour its extraordinary cuisine, museums, natural landscapes, ateliers and other cultural experiences. On the off chance, you are planning to visit France, here’s a rundown of, some of the most surprising French cities that you will introduce you to its authentic legacy.

Paris: The Trendy Capital

Eiffel Tower Paris Welcome

Paris is about perfumes, cobblestoned boulevards, sweet-smelling cafes, plush eateries, art galleries and drifting designs. Some of the best places to visit in the city are Eiffel Tower, Disneyland, Louver historical centre, Notre-Dame house of God, Luxembourg Gardens, and Lido de Paris club. Despite being one-of-the-richest world capitals, Paris is best explored, on a Segway or a cycle. To get a real taste of the French culture, ride along the Seine River, visit the traditional boutique stores, stroll by the extensive avenues and eat at a curtained French bistro. For a more luxurious experience, sail away on a Bateaux Parisiens cruise to absorb sea and sun as you savour fresh seafood specialities.

Versailles: French Royalty

The stunning city of Versailles can be reached from Paris in 40-minutes by a train. Versailles is about royal architecture, gourmet cuisine, soul-stirring music, and enchanting ambience. While here, make sure to tour the Palace of Versailles (Royal Chateau de Versailles), that was once King Louis XIV’s favourite abode. Today, it is seen as one of Europe’s most beautiful Palace, typifying power, wealth and passion of the Royalties. Some of the other famous landmarks worth taking a look are; Marie Antoinette’s Estate (1760s private residence of the French queen), the Queen’s Hamlet, Hall of Mirrors, Jardins du Château de (Ornamental palace gardens with fountains), The Grand Trianon, Royal Chapel, Fountains of Versailles and Versailles Royal Opera.

French Riviera: Shore Line Magic

French Rivera is about getting to experience the extravagant French Baywatch. Rivera lounges across the Mediterranean stretch, dwelling with unusual colour-changing skies and natural spectacles. In Nice, the Queen of Riviera, discover unique art museums, artistic architecture and serene blue-pebble beaches. In Monaco, watch F1 drivers racing overpriced automobiles on streets, shop from upscale designer stores gracing the avenues, and savour Michelin-starred gourmet cuisine at a fancy seaside Bistro. The French Rivera countryside is just as beautiful; laced, with cosy Chateaus and red rock mountains.

Lourdes: A Pilgrimage Stop in France

The busy junction of Lourdes is another fascinating city worth exploring in France. Lourdes is France’s religious or pilgrimage destination and is internationally renowned for it’s holy and healing waters. Many tourists visit Lourdes to take a healing holy bath.

From Provincia Romana to Provence

Provence was the first Roman province of its time. Until the late 14th-century, it was called Provincia Romana, post which the kingdom was turned, to Provence of the French Royalty. In the French Provence, soak sunshine by the palm-fringed Mediterranean bay, or by the Rhone River prolonging to the Italian turf. Or wander around, admiring lavender fields, cherry orchards, the peak of Mont Ventoux, the Marseille (an ancient port with museums) and the Nimes amphitheatres. Vive la France!

Insider Tips:

  1. It is more manageable to navigate if you use the yellow narrative city maps than the GPS tracker.
  2. Do Not Leave Valuables in the rental car
  3. Do not fall for the Ring Trick
  4. You may drink tap water as French do
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