Flamsbana, World’s Most Beautiful Train Journey

The Flamsbana in Norway ranks highest on Europe’s list of most beautiful train rides. This unique setting in the Flåmsdalen Valley is why you must take a Flåm Railway trip once in a lifetime. Moreover, the train branches off from a highly scenic route at the Bergen Line. Thereafter, it descends to Flåm on the Aurlandsfjord from the small station of Myrdal. Flåm is almost at sea level, resulting in an extraordinary steep with its many twists, turns and tunnels. Not to mention, Flamsbana sways along the World’s steepest train line. Trains on the Flåm Railway are operated by Norwegian Railways on behalf of Flam Utvikling. Moreover you can obtain both the regular fare tickets and tickets with discount at the station.

The Railway Connection from Flam

You can pay with cash or credit card at the station or you can purchase the tickets online. Group discounts are available at 10% from May to September and 25% from October to April.

Single ticket: 320 NOK (Adult), 160 NOK (Children 4 – 15 years), 220 NOK (Interrail and Eurail pass) | Two Way Ticket420 NOK (Adult), 160 NOK (Children 4 – 15 years), no InterRail or Eurail discount

Flam Station

Flamsbana Sways along the World’s Steepest Train Line 

The Flam Railway is one of the steepest train lines in the world. In the span of a single hour, the train takes you from the steep valley to the high mountain plateau. This incredible journey runs through the Rallar Road, steep mountains, breathtaking waterfalls and 20 tunnels offering incomparable viewpoints. The line’s elevation difference is 863 meters with 10 stations, 20 tunnels and 1 bridge.

The Flam Railway is announced as one of the most visited tourist spots in Norway. Primarily because of it’s stunning waterfalls and the engineering of the steep climb. This party train even takes a photo stop at the Kjosfossen waterfall. Additionally, you can stay over in Oslo, Tromsø, Bergen, Voss, Flåm, Vatnahalsen, Finse, Geilo to watch northern lights. You can also purchase Norway in a Nutshell tickets with Flåm Railway.

A combo of rail, ferry and bus tickets is available for 5 different routes between Oslo and Bergen. No matter which route you take, they all include the Flåm Railway, and the Nærøyfjord ferry trip. If you are travelling with a rail pass, consider purchasing separate single tickets for all three legs of the route. Below is the estimated cost.

Myrdal-Flåm: 220 NOK | Flåm-Gudvangen: 153 NOK | Gudvangen-Voss: 110 NOK When travelling from Flåm, try and get yourself a window seat if possible!

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