Be a Fitness Diva, Even While You are Globetrotting

Traveling more than 30 countries and living on the go for almost three years, I have come to realise the fact that being healthy and being out-and-about don’t have to be mutually exclusive. I explore the world, meet new faces, make new friends, learn new cultures and yet stay on top of my workout regime. I love reading while travelling. Last week I read an interesting article about how you can stick to your fitness goals while traveling. Be a Fitness Diva Even if You Are on a Trip Around the Globe.

I am no superwoman! I just try to make the best of what I have, stay active and spend a little time planning how I am going to take care of myself. A part of this is putting all the nutrients I need into my body, purchasing supplements and organic products from websites like Gold Bee to keep myself as healthy as possible, Reading about the latest fitness regimes helps me feel more healthy and fitHere are my two cents to help you get started on the journey packed with fun, good health and complete awesomeness. 

Simple Workouts Worldwide

Are you about to visit a new place? How about walking tour? It is a great start to build a great body. Exercise is not going to feel like exercise. Any activity for that matter is a good exercise if that gets your heart rate up and torches calorie. Exploring the city walking is a great workout that will make you fit and healthy and still allow you to have plenty of time to do whatever else you want to.

Squats and Pushups

You don’t have to look for gym facility in your hotel. You also don’t have to seek help of any tourist guide. Any moment you get into a new city, check Google Maps to find the nearest park. You can also ask the receptionist at the checking counter for the nearest park. Parks are excellent places with enough space on the ground for you to perform squats and push-ups.

Eating Healthy

It’s a total lie that you are able stay in optimum health with a good workout regime alone. Food matters. You can never work out enough to make up for a bad diet. If you have a plan in place, you will never go overboard while traveling. All you have to do is pick good food over junk. Drink water instead of sweet, fizzy drinks. If you are doing it right, you will never have to count calories. You can also add supplements into your diet so that you can be sure that your body is getting what it needs to function at its best. You could check out these Gundry MD Proplant Complete Shake reviews if you are looking for a way to get a little extra healthy protein into your life, for example. A healthy diet cannot be overlooked, no matter where you are, as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Okay, don’t freak out if you miss. Occasionally it’s okay. There may be times when you may just not find healthy options around. That’s perfectly okay but it should not become a norm. Follow this simple rule. Your 80 percent of the meal should comprise of healthy food and 20 percent can be anything you want to eat.

Indulging While Travelling

Drinking alcohol isn’t exactly healthy for you. But by drinking occasionally and in moderation, you can still maintain a healthy lifestyle. You just have to be smart and know your limits. In fact, You have got one life, therefore live it to the fullest, but come past a point when nothing remains fun anymore. You are better off without it.

Over to you

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