Finland for the First Time Travellers

To begin with, Finnish Suomi or suomen kieli is the language spoken by the residents of Finland. It is one of the 2 official languages of Finland, Swedish being the other. Finnish cuisine often uses rye, barley, oats and berries (blueberries, lingonberries, cloudberries, and sea buckthorn). They also use milk and its derivatives in various recipes.

Festivals – Savonlinna Opera Festival and Helsinki Festival, National Animal – Brown Bear, National Flower – Lily of the valley, National Bird – Whooper Swan, National Song – Maamme or Vårt land is Finland’s de facto national anthem.

Little More about the Stunning Finland

Many nations claim ownership of the Internet however Finns were the 1st to bring it to the masses. Above all, It’s a country that’s popular for Connecting People, with Nokia mobile phones. Nope you won’t find a single pay phone within the territory of this country! In addition, a list of enigmatic sports top the charts of Finnish annual world championship. Mobile phone and rubber boot throwing, mosquito hunting, swamp football and Air Guitar to name a few. 

This Country offers World’s Vest Independence to Roam Opportunities

Finland offers world’s best “Freedom to Roam” options, whether you want to pitch a tent or go fishing in the lake, all for free. Ever since 2010, Finland has an annual Day for Failure every October 13th. This is where the ceremony celebrates bad news and ill-fortune, as a way of learning for the future. It is the 8th largest country in Europe, with population settled at widely spaced intervals. There are a thumping 187,888 lakes within the territory of Finland, the most in the world so to say, and a total of 179,888 Finnish Islands to explore. Trust me, it’s breathtaking, so much so that when you travel through the regions, you get so absorbed by the nature, that the journey in itself becomes an award. To emphasise, Finnish Suomi – officially the Republic of Finland, is a sovereign state in Europe, bordering Sweden, Norway and Russia. 

Helsinki, The Dazzling Capital of Finland

Finland’s capital Helsinki occupies surrounding islands in the Baltic Sea. Moreover, the Northern Lights can be observed from the country’s Arctic province, which is a boundless uninhabited region with national parks and ski resorts. In addition, Finland is a parliamentary republic with a central government based in the capital Helsinki. The country has an overall population of 5.5 million, over the past two decades. Finland was an integral part of Sweden since late 12th century, however Adolf Ivar Arwidsson once quoted, “we are no-longer Swedes, we do not want to become Russians, let us therefore be Finns”, which resulted in the establishment of the Finnish national identity. Following the 1917 Russian Revolution, Finland declared itself independent. In fact Helsinki is the key point of entry for most tourists in the Finnish territory.

This is where you will find the finest museums, art galleries, parks, historical monuments, restaurants, and shopping centres. northeast of Helsinki, is the historic town of Provoo, which can be reached by road or boat. Towards the north of Helsinki, is the medieval castle at Hameenlinna, and to the West is Turku, the ancient capital of Finland. From Turku, its possible to visit the Aland Islands, a large archipelago which can be reached by ferry. Some of the significant sightseeing spots in the city include the architecture around Senate Square, Suomenlinna, and the underground Rock Church.

Ski Resorts and Activities

If you enjoy skiing, then you must visit Rukatunturi known as Ruka in Finland. Ruka offers 500 kilometres of cross country skiing trails and 34 slopes. Another popular ski resort in Finland is Levi, with 43 ski slopes and 27 lifts for a great skiing experience in this country. The resort’s position within the Arctic Circle, is its unique selling point. Also, its close to Igloo hotel (Levi Igloos/Golden Crown), where you can observe northern lights. Right in the heart of the Finnish lake region, rests the romantic city of Savonlinna. Above all, it is situated on 2 islands between the lakes Haapavesi and Pihlavesi. Last but not the least; Denmark, New Zealand, Finland and Sweden are the 4 least corrupt countries in the world.

Learn a few Finnish Phrases before you visit Finland

  1. Hello                                                Hyvää päivää | Terve | Hei | Haloo 

  2. Good Morning                                   Hyvää huomenta

  3. How are you?                                    Mitä kuuluu? | Kuinka voit?

  4. Good Evening                                   Hyvää iltaa

  5. My name is                                       Nimeni On

  6. Good Night                                       Hyvää päivää

  7. Cheers!                                            Kippis!

  8. Good Night                                       Hyvää yötä

  9. I don’t know                                     En tiedä

  10. Good Luck                                        Onnea

  11. Excuse me/Sorry                              Anteeksi

  12. How much is this?                             Paljonko tämä maksaa?

  13. Please                                              Pyydän | Olkaa hyvä

  14. Thank You                                        Kiitos

  15. Help!                                               Apua!

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