Things to Know About Finland Before Visiting

Visiting Europe’s 8th-largest country was an exciting journey for me. During my Finland adventure, I, was taken aback by the vast lakes and countless Finnish islands I went over. Finland, by the way, has over 187,888 lakes and 179,888 islands to discover! Then there’s the spectacular scenic splendour that you simply can’t miss. However, Finland is so much more than just lakes, islands, or postcard-perfect landscapes.


The Baltic Sea joins the Gulf of Bothnia in Finland’s sovereign territory, bordered by Sweden, Norway, and Russia. Here the Arctic’s Northern Lights work their magic, and national parks and ski resorts mend the hearts. Since its independence in the 17th-century, Finland has been engulfed in the essence of a socio-cultural environment, preserving the finest of its values. I observed this in Helsinki, Finland’s southern historical capital, home to the best of Finnish museums, galleries, historical landmarks, restaurants, and shopping malls.

Silja Tallink Sunrise

Helsinki is the meeting point of Finnish style and modernity. The Hameenlinna Castle, Senate Square, Rock Church, Town Hall, Presidential Hall, Turku, and the Aland Islands, in particular, are worth seeing. If you know a few words of Finnish, you will have an edge all around Finland. Here are a few basic phrases to get you started.

1. To say Hello Terve or Hei or Halooo

2. My name is Nimeni On

3. Good Morning! Hyvää Huomenta

4. To say Good Night! Hyvää päivää

5. Good Evening! Hyvää Iltaa

6. Good Night! Hyvää yötä

7. Sorry Anteeksi

8. How much is this? Paljonko Tämä Maksaa?

9. Thank You Kiitos

10. Help! Apua!

Since prehistoric times, Finland’s food has preserved its traditional agricultural and culinary skills. Northern Europe’s chilly environment precludes effective agriculture. As a result, Finns have come to rely on farmed fruits and vegetables, dairy products, and fish. Meat hunting and farming did not become popular until the twentieth century.

Breakfast Sokos Hotel Presidentti

Despite the frigid conditions, the stemming of basic tubers such as turnips and potatoes is largely supported. Aside from that, Finns eat a lot of dark rye bread with their fish and meat. I learned from my dining experiences in Finland that Finns use very little spices to improve the flavour of their meal. Salt, pepper, dill, and chives are just a few examples. Take time to try traditional oven-baked meaty foods like Karelian pies and Grillimakkar sausages, and lingonberry pies, and potatoes with Herring if you are visiting Finland soon.

Helsinki Market Square Souvenirs1

In Finland, souvenir shopping is equally enjoyable. The many shopping possibilities will leave you spoilt for choice, from traditional Kuksa bowls to handcrafted kitchen items, fur garments, Lapp hats, wall hangings, and Fazer sweets.

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  1. This is one country I have been to, both Helsinki and Levi, Lapland. I loved it. 😀

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