Best Ways to Feng Shui Eye-Sore Appliances

There’s a ‘certain’ anatomy to rooms that feature an undenied magnificence despite being surrounded by large appliances. One thing common between these rooms is that they involve an environmentally friendly approach to interior designing. With a dash of elementary-aesthetics and upgraded appliances, these rooms demonstrate nothing but overall well-being dwelling in eco surroundings. To have to do it yourself, which is to create a room full of positive Feng Shui energy, here are a few tips to follow. In this article, we will show you how to Feng Shui eyesore appliances on the far side of the contemporary interiors.

Feng Shui Your Kitchen and Living Room

The kitchen and living room are the soul of a home and have an ‘utmost’ impact on our wealth, and fame, as per Feng Shui. Which, is why it’s important, to design the rooms in a way that they generate the right energy. This goal is easy to achieve, with the right placement of colors, metals, appliances, and furnishings. In fact, by roping in a renewed layout, along with planters, and wood elements will benefit both the kitchen and the living room. If you have large appliances in your kitchen then, you can balance them by painting your walls in subtle shades of white and cream.

Add few turquoise blue ornamentations to get feng shui protected. In the living area install lifesize mirrors to make the room appear ‘larger’ than what it is. Last but not the least, create good indoor air quality by making space for stylish planters and houseplants such as lilies or feng shui lucky bamboo.

Remodel a Bedroom with Large Appliances

There are many ways to remodel a bedroom. We’d say start with sources that draw in plenty of natural sunlight. Regardless of the available space, if you add the right elements, it will optimize the size of the room. Positioning full-length mirror on a walk-in closet is one of the most common household tricks. Adding a vanity countertop and a chest of drawers to store grooming tools is yet another effective way of hiding small appliances. Which, makes more space for lamps, candles, lighting bars, and extra seating options.

Replacing central cooling with heat pumps generates more space for the aesthetics. In short, the more clutter-free your room is, the more Feng shui will benefit you.

Upgrade Appliances to Optimize Space

Upgrading, to new sleek appliances, creates more space for art and breathing. Especially large appliances like traditional air conditioning consume a lot of wall space. To make the best use of the room space, replace the AC unit with a heat pump, zoned heating system, or a mini-split cooling. These environment-friendly units have a positive impact on our health. And their hot-cold spot control system results in increased energy savings. After upgrading the appliances, you will have plenty of wall space to decorate it with paintings or wall hangings.

Increase Home Efficiency

To design feng shui efficient interiors, stick to less is more! The whole idea is to minimize the presence of large appliances and electronics while highlighting the aesthetics of the home. Above all, use subtle shades of pink, beige, off-white, and cream to balance dark valued furniture. To create a dramatic flooring use fluffy rugs as they soften the room. And to magnify the ceiling, install fans with built-in lighting. Make these improvements, and you will be surprised, by the swift change in the overall energy.

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