Incredible Things You Must Know About Estonia

As previously stated, Estonia is the King of Digital Modernism. However, some of the fascinating facts about this country that we discovered are worth sharing! We hope that these facts persuade you to visit Estonia as much as they did us.

Estonians do not believe in a uniform sports selection. They keep reinventing old classics by adding a new thrill to them for the same reason. Even the most traditional swing-set game has taken on a new identity in this environment. Swaying on a giant Swing-set inside a bar is part of the Estonian version. The person who makes the longest swing is the winner. The wife-carrying championship is another popular Estonian sport that attracts local couples.

Estonia, as the world’s digital capital, has been tinkering with the online voting system since 2005. Estonia has been dubbed one of the world’s most technologically advanced countries, with internet access available in all of its universities and homes. This makes it simple for the government to implement secure e-voting.

The Estonian government was the first in Europe to implement a flat tax.

Estonia, which is bordered on the east by Russia and on the south by Latvia, celebrates two independence days. The first symbolises independence from Russia, while the second represents independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. As a result, they celebrate both Independence Day and Restoration Day.

Estonia has the world’s highest number of international supermodels.

This country has been ranked as the world’s fourth least religious (or atheist) country. Sweden, Denmark, and China are the top three countries. We’re curious if this has anything to do with the current literacy rate of 99.8%.

Estonia, with a population of 1.3 million people and a density of 28.4 people per 0.38 square mile, is Europe’s least crowded country. Russia, Sweden, and Norway are the only countries that outperform those figures.

All residents of Tallinn, Estonia’s capital, are entitled to free public transportation.

The historic town of Tallinn and the Struve Geodetic Arc are two of Estonia’s most celebrated Unesco sites. Estonia shares the Struve Arch with Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Ukraine, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Latvia, and Moldova, which surprised us. According to legend, this Arch was the first to devise the accurate measurement of a meridian.

Last but not least, Estonia is one of Europe’s twelve most protected wilderness areas, home to National Parks, Wolves, and epic hedgehog tales. Exploring the nature trails will teach you everything you need to know about these enchanted forests.

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