10 Incredible Things You Need To Know About Estonia

Estonia, as we have quoted before, is the King of digital modernism. However, some of the interesting facts that we learned about this country are worth sharing! We hope these 10-facts inspire you to explore the Estonian turf, as much as, they persuaded us. 


1. Estonians don’t believe in the ‘uniform’ choice of sports. For the same reason, they keep reinventing old classics by adding a new thrill to it. Even the most traditional Swing-set game has found a new identity here. The cooler Estonian version includes swaying on a giant Swing-set, inside a bar. The one who takes the longest swing wins. Another popular Estonian-sport is the wife carrying championship, engaging resident couples. 

2. Estonia, being the digital capital of the world, has been maneuvering the online voting system since 2005. On the whole, Estonia has been recorded as one of the world’s most-tech-sound nation, having internet installed across all its universities and homes. Which, makes it easy for the government to facilitate e-voting in a secure setup. 

3. The Estonian government was Europe’s first to introduce flat-tax into practice. 

4. Bordered by Russia on the East and Latvia on the South, Estonia celebrates two independence days. The first one marks freedom from Russia, while, the second one symbolizes, liberation from the Soviet Union in 1991. And so, they have both an Independence Day, as well as, a Restoration day. 

5. Estonia produces the highest number of international supermodels in the world. 

Tallinn Estonia

6. This nation has been ranked the 4th least religious (or atheist) country in the world. The top 3 being Sweden, Denmark, and China. We wonder if that has anything to do with the prevailing literacy rate of 99.8 percent. 

7. With a mass population of 1.3 million which, is 28.4 people per 0.38 square mile, Estonia turns out to be Europe’s least crowded countries. The only countries, that beat those numbers are Russia, Sweden, and Norway. 

8. The Estonian government provides for free public transportation to all residents of its capital, Tallinn. 

9. Among the two most-celebrated Estonian Unesco sites are the historic town of Tallinn, and the Struve Geodetic Arc. We were astonished to find out that Estonia shares the Struve Arch with Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Ukraine, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Latvia, and Moldova. Legends have it that this Arch first devised the accurate measurement of a meridian. 

10. Last but not the least, Estonia is one of twelve most-protected wilderness regions of Europe, flourishing with National Parks, Wolves, and epic tales of hedgehogs. Venture out to explore the nature trails, and on your way, you will learn, everything about these magical forests. 

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