Didier and Frank Dark Chocolates in Six Flavours

Whoever said, “Never underestimate the power of Dark Chocolate, said it right! Not only, is it one of the healthiest cocoa products (loaded with antioxidants) but also, a comforting aid for heart health. Besides, who wouldn’t want a piece of an artisanal made, vegan chocolate bar over other sugary treats, right? On that note, to beat the boredom of those regular dark chocolate bars and to add a zing to our tastebuds, we decided to try the flavoured Didier & Frank chocolate bars. Designed in Los Angeles California, these exotic handcrafted chocolates are available in a variety of fascinating flavours and also have an interesting chocolate tale to tell. This tale is imprinted, on the backside of the luxurious chocolate bar, however, let me share the context again.

Didier and Frank Dark Chocolates

Legends have it that early, in the 19th century, Didier and Frank, two American ramblers started searching the world’s best chocolate. In the course of action, they voyaged from Central America’s high planes to the plush vineyards of western Europe. Along the road, they discovered that the upper-class Aztec Tlatoque had secretly been enjoying the world’s best chocolate and in fact, considered it a gift from the God of Wisdom, Quetzalcoatl. While the rest of the world paid the least attention to Aztec’s methods, Didier and Frank, took inspiration from their frothy bitter liquids and turned them into rather an indulgence. The secret recipe for the world’s most-luxurious chocolate was once restricted to Aztec’s but thanks to Didier and Frank for making it available worldwide. Here’s a preview of six different flavours I tasted, and that I highly recommend!

1. Didier & Frank Crunchy Dark Hazelnut Chocolate

This one is a remarkable masterpiece created by combining roasted hazelnuts with exquisite dark chocolate. A surprisingly ‘unique’ dark chocolate that’s prepared using exotic ingredients and by utilising inexorable skills. This 100% vegan chocolate tastes like a crunchy brittle treat, roasted to perfection! By all means, its sumptuousness wrapped in a golden foil.

2. Roasted Dark Almond Chocolate

The second flavour I tried was the ‘Roasted Dark Almond Chocolate,’ by Didier and Frank. This one is an instant mood lifter! Downright delicious, this fine handcrafted chocolate bar contains deliciously crunchy roasted almonds with a heartfelt packaging. Every bite creates a blissful chocolaty experience with the richness of the nutty Almonds and the silky smooth texture of the dark chocolate. Together these exotic ingredients form a smooth-bar of velvety chocolate, with a surprisingly crunchy texture.

Didier and Frank Dark Chocolate

3. Crunchy Hazelnut Milk Chocolate

The ‘Crunchy Hazelnut Milk Chocolate,’ by Didier and Frank, is not white chocolate instead, it’s a 100% vegan bar of dark chocolate infused with crunchy hazelnuts and milk. As a matter of fact, with every bite, the taste of the buttery hazelnut brittle enhances and only gets better as you savour the creamy milk chocolate.

4. Milk Chocolate Orange

Didier and Frank’s Milk Chocolate Orange Bar is a delicious and unexpected fun treat. I love how every bite is infused with the textured taste of real oranges and yet the handcrafted bar tastes, as smooth as, velvet.

5. Wicked Dark Chocolate by Didier & Frank

As the name goes, the Wicked Dark Chocolate by Didier & Frank is a sinful bar of deliciousness loaded with the richness of super intense dark ground chocolate. It’s a barely sweet bar, with very low sugar-servings, making it easier for you to taste the vibrant and vivacious flavours of cocoa out and out. This ultra-dark chocolate is 100% vegan, organic and extremely pleasurable to the tastebuds!

6. Didier & Frank Moroccon Dark Mint Chocolate

Lastly, I enjoyed Didier & Frank’s ‘Moroccon Dark Mint Chocolate’ as a great alternative to the After Eight Chocolates. Let’s agree, Mint is everyone’s favourite flavour and what better way to retire to bed than indulge in luxurious minty chocolate, right? With this dark chocolate bar, expect a distinctive minty fragrance as you unwrap the bar and velvety smoothness as you taste the chocolate.

Didier and Frank Chocolates are priced between INR 159 – 229 per 50 gm bar and make a great luxury handcrafted gift for any occasion.