Didier and Frank Dark Chocolates

“Never underestimate the power of dark chocolate,” as the saying goes. It’s not only one of the healthiest cocoa products because of its high antioxidants, but also a soothing aid for heart health. After all, who wouldn’t prefer a piece of exquisite vegan chocolate over other sweet treats? On that point, I decided to sample the flavoured Didier & Frank chocolate bars to break up the monotony of typical dark chocolate bars and give our tastebuds a boost. These exotic handcrafted chocolates, designed in Los Angeles, California, come in a range of fascinating flavours and with a fantastic chocolate story to go along.

Didier and Frank Dark Chocolates

This story is written on the back of every lavish chocolate bar, but allow me to explain the backdrop once again. According to legend, two American ramblers Didier and Frank started looking for the best chocolate in the world as early as the nineteenth century. They travelled from the high planes of Central America to the lush vineyards of Western Europe during their mission. They found along the way that the upper-class Aztec Tlatoque had been stealthily eating the world’s best chocolate, which they regarded as a gift from Quetzalcoatl, the God of Wisdom.

Didier and Frank Dark Chocolate

Didier and Frank took inspiration from Aztec’s frothy bitter drinks and transformed them into rather an indulgence. The secret formula for the world’s most rich chocolate was originally only available to the Aztecs, but due to Didier and Frank, it is now available to everyone. Here’s a sneak peek at six of the flavours I tried, all of which I highly recommend!

Crunchy Dark Hazelnut Chocolate

This is a magnificent work of art created by blending roasted hazelnuts and dark chocolate. A remarkably special dark chocolate made with exotic ingredients and inexorable talents. This vegan chocolate tastes like a crispy brittle treat that’s been roasted to perfection! Its richness, encased in a golden foil.

Roasted Dark Almond Chocolate

Didier and Frank’ Roasted Dark Almond Chocolate was the second flavour I sampled. This one instantly sweetens your mood! This beautiful handcrafted chocolate bar features wonderfully crispy roasted almonds in heartfelt packaging. With the richness of the nutty Almonds and the silky smooth texture of the dark chocolate, each mouthful offers a joyful chocolaty experience. These unusual ingredients combine to create a silky, velvety chocolate bar with a surprise crunch.

Crunchy Hazelnut Milk Chocolate

Didier and Frank’s Crunchy Hazelnut Milk Chocolate is a 100 per cent vegan dark chocolate bar infused with crunchy hazelnuts and milk, then white chocolate. The buttery hazelnut brittle flavour improves with each mouthful, and it only gets better as you savour the creamy milk chocolate.

Milk Chocolate Orange

Didier and Frank’s Milk Chocolate Orange Bar is a delectable and unusually enjoyable dessert. I adore how each bite is loaded with the complex flavour of real oranges but the artisan bar remains silky smooth.

Wicked Dark Chocolate

Didier & Frank’s Wicked Dark Chocolate is a bar of delight infused with the richness of ultra-intense dark ground chocolate, as the name suggests. It’s barely a sweet bar with very low sugar portions, allowing you to fully appreciate the vivid and energetic cocoa flavours. This ultra-dark chocolate is 100 per cent vegan, organic, and delicious to the taste buds!

Moroccon Dark Mint Chocolate

Finally, Didier & Frank’s Moroccan Dark Mint Chocolate was an excellent substitute for After Eight Chocolates. Mint is everyone’s favourite flavour, and what better way to unwind before bed than with some decadent mint chocolate? Expect a unique minty scent as you unwrap this dark chocolate bar and velvety smoothness when you taste the chocolate.

Didier & Frank Chocolates are available in 50 gm bars for INR 159 – 229 and make a wonderful quality handcrafted gift for any occasion.

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