DermaGlow Rehausse: Volumize Your Eyelashes

While the price may play a role in your selection, the DermaGlow Lash Enhancer is a high-quality product that you should not hesitate to purchase. DermaGlow Lash Enhancer serum comes in a sleek, black stick-casing loaded with 5.5 ml gel and costs INR 5500 ($90). I wasn’t sure whether this serum would truly make my eyelashes thicker when I initially bought it. But my eyelashes were substantially darker and longer after 5-weeks of consistent usage.

DermaGlow Lash Enhancing Serum

Let’s face it, no matter how healthy our lashes are, people with naturally long and fuller eyelashes always pique our interest. But today, with only one easy product, you may achieve obviously lovely eyelashes. Not only will the DermaGlow Lash Enhancer serum give volume to your eyes, but it will also help to define them. Furthermore, the application is straightforward. The plush applier that comes with this unpigmented and odourless serum is linked to the case opening. When you open the rectangle stick, the soft applier will immediately roll out.

Dermaglow Rehausse

It’s usually soaked in gel, and all you have to do is lightly brush it around the base of your upper and lower lashes. As though you were applying eyeliner. In fact, use this gel every night to achieve the finest benefits. After two weeks of consistent application, you will see changes, but it will take 5-6 weeks for your eyelashes to become compliment-worthy.

DermaGlow Rehausse Cils is a fantastic product in general. Whether you want to lengthen your lashes for a particular occasion or improve the appearance of your eyes, this serum will get you there in roughly a month. Even though I experienced no adverse side effects, I strongly advise you to test a tiny bit before going full out with the product. If the serum irritates, remove it as soon as possible.

I recommend this eyelash enhancer to everyone who wants to enhance their lovely eyes with a little more volume. To get the Best Mega Volume lashes in LA, visit the NAB Lash Bar where your lashes can get a makeover by a highly skilled Lash Certified Lash Box LA Lash Artist.

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