Genting Dream Deluxe Balcony Stateroom

I was thrilled to discover my first cruising experience in Asia after a few pleasant sailing encounters in Europe. In the last few decades, luxury cruising in Asia has plucked a fume of progress. Not just the affluent but even the corporate employees, honeymooners and families have shown an increased inclination towards taking a sea vacation with the best of ship liners. As it turns out, I was booked to sail Genting Dream (a Dream Cruise line venture), that let me soak an entirely fresh perspective, one that brought me closer to the true excellence of Asian destinations. Genting Dream is an elegant cruise that truly lets you see, smell, hear, feel and taste the sea.

Genting Dream Main Pool Deck

To enjoy a weekend staycation on this cruise, I reached Singapore on Saturday morning, and at 4 PM, the same day, I boarded Genting Dream from the Marina Bay Cruise Centre in Singapore. MBCC is the city’s epicentre for cruise arrival and disembarkment! On the ground-floor lobby, you will find different counters of various cruise lines catering to their respective guests. After procuring my ticket and a neck cardholder, and after undergoing a brief security check, I made it to the spacious waiting lounge. For prompt service, keep your passport handy! The neck cardholders are supported, with different colour ribbons, each implying room or the stateroom category.

Dream Cruises

The waiting lounge before the final admission, is a large room enclosed, on three sides, with one glass wall showcasing parked luxury vessels. It’s where I first laid my eyes on Genting Dream’s welded framework! After 30-minutes of wait and a few immigration formalities, I had finally set my foot on this gigantic celebrity cruise ship. A narrow bridge leads inside a carpeted promenade, that embarks the beginning of a luxurious journey. What’s quite astonishing is that the floor carpet is also like a secret map that points towards the main alleyways. Just follow the direction of the flowers, if you ever get lost! After getting my room keys from the central entryway, I took to the 10th floor to check out the allotted stateroom.

Inside Genting Dream Deluxe Balcony Stateroom

Fortunately, the 1011 stateroom wasn’t far apart from the elevator, which, made it comfortable to pace back and forth. For Genting Dream is full of adventures and keeps you on your toes. My Deluxe Balcony Stateroom on the tenth floor opened to a splendid space starring magnificent sea views. This ‘not so spacious’ stateroom is excellent for solo travellers, a couple or for people who have a toddler or max two little kids. When I walked into the stateroom, the first thing I noticed was the vast archipelago peeking from behind the simplistic floor-to-ceiling French door.

Genting Dream Balcony Stateroom

The sun is all set to bequeath, by the time you get to your room and so you are greeted by a spectacular sunset upon arrival. Nestled in the crystal clear waters of the Singapore Strait, Genting Dream, from my stateroom tendered magnificent panoramas with Marina Bay Sands, harbour and a bunch of cargo and passenger ships before departing.

Genting Dream Deluxe Balcony Stateroom MBS view

Apart from a compact private patio, this stateroom is equipped, with a super comfy queen-size bed, a sofa, small work desk, LCD TV, mini-fridge, phone, tea-coffee facilities and an en-suite attached washroom with complimentary toiletries. It’s great that they have charging points on either side of the bed. Makes life convenient! The overall appearance of this stateroom heaves the temptation to stay and explore the magic.

Genting Dream Deluxe Balcony Stateroom Roomkey

The washroom has three indicators – one for the inside lighting and other two are the makeup room and do not disturb switches. Press the makeup room button, if (and when) you need an assistant at your disposal. As for the toiletries, I was happy to use Genting Dream’s sea breeze and Tuscan Soul toiletries over the weekend. As much as this sea view stateroom lures you into not leaving it, you must, as on Genting Dream multifarious outdoor adventures await you. 

Umi Uma Filipino Chef

For culinary adventures, I resorted to Umi Uma Teppanyaki for an iron table dinner, Silk Road for authentic Japanese and Bistro by Mark Best for Australian Surf N Turf. For entertainment, you have a large swimming pool, casino, ocean zip-lining, rock climbing and notable theatrical performances. On the first night of my stay, China’s Got Talent ran its auditions in the theatre and on the second night, Tsai had his world-famous theatrical group perform for us. Poolside is truly the most-visited site on the cruise. From adults to kids, everyone loves this spot! 

Genting Dream Entertainment

In the evening, when I retired to my stateroom, I spent at least two hours in the balcony, gazing at the beautiful starry sky dotted with a zillion stars. What a beautiful and calm sight! Just about perfect to put you to a night of good night sleep and wake you up to sun-kissed mornings. The expansive seascapes are a treat to watch. All in all, a great stay! From sea-facing stateroom to world-class entertainment to culinary treasures, Genting Dream showed me a great time during my stay.

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