Clara Maria Cheese and Clog Farm near Amsterdam

Clog and Cheese factory

The Netherlands is a beautiful country that flaunts splendid windmills, specialty museums, architectural landmarks, canals, tulip gardens, cafe culture along with cheese and clog factory. For those staying in Amsterdam or Rotterdam, can plan a day trip to these wonderful locations by hiring a car or taking public transport. Stop at the Kinderdijk UNESCO World Heritage site, before you visit the delightful Claria Maria Cheese & Clog Factory. Kinderdijk is about an hour drive from Amsterdam. This place showcases 19 of the last preserved windmills from the 17th-century. It’s fascinating to learn about the history of the windmills, lifestyle of the millers, engineering, and languages they used with the sails. You can tour the windmills, stroll by the canal, and then visit the Clara Maria Cheese and Clog farm. Otherwise, the farm is around a 20-minute drive from Amsterdam.

Clara Maria is a family-owned farm that features authentic cheese-making techniques and a wooden shoe factory. At this farm, you can enjoy the demonstration of how farmers create the delicious gouda cheese and carve their wood to produce elegant clogs. Besides, you can buy your favourite clog and cheese from their gift store, which offers many designs and sizes. It’s wonderful to visit this farm because most often, we consume cheese from the factories. The farm is in the Amstelveen district of Amsterdam and opens at 7 AM in the morning. The farm stretches for miles and features geese, pigs, cows, chicken, farm animals, and ancient discarded wagons.ย The farmers milk the 60+ cows at 7 in the morning and evening under utmost care. The cows deliver 1000 litres of milk in an hour which is transported to a large vat, through steel pipes. Thereafter, the farmer reduces the milk by heating it at 36 degrees through hot water pipes.

Following this, the farmer adds rennet extract and bacteria that coagulates the milk into Gouda flavour cheese.ย It’s enjoyable to watch the family contribute to making this farm a successful place. Every single day, the farmer’s family indulges in the task of cheese and yoghurt making. After the cheese is ready, the farmer inserts knives in the vat which cuts it into pieces.

The farmer also gathers the curd in towels and processes it through cheese press where it is at last squeezed out. In the end, the cheese is pressed with farmer’s label, indicating the name, location, and date when the cheese was made.ย The cheese is slid in a salt brine solution at noon, which helps preserve it. You can taste the fresh creamy cheese for a nominal fee. Above all, this honourable cheese-making tradition gives a brilliant insight into the 9th-century methods of producing the world’s best consumer item.

Clog Making Cheese Factory Holland

You can observe the usage of antique machines at the Clara Maria farm, and also occasionally participate. The willow wood clogs feel light on the foot and are available in colourful, classic and fancy looks. On your way back, enjoy the spectacular landscapes, grasslands, Healthy Dutch cows and mammoth clouds.

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6 thoughts on “Clara Maria Cheese and Clog Farm near Amsterdam

  1. We went to a cheese factory once and it was quite interesting, only that I didn’t get to see the part that I most wanted to see. :D. I bet it’s much more interesting to see the cheese making process on a farm. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Those clogs look so cute. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thanks, @DNambiar ๐Ÿ™‚ The clogs are adorable, and you can’t resist the piggy bank souvenirs..the process of cheese making is clearly a winner, although the strong fragrance of cheese is unbearable after a few minutes..The process is definetly facinating to oberserve and participate…

  2. It is indeed a place worth visiting. I specially love where they show how cheese is made or clogs are made. Demonstrations are so very interesting. Have a great weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. When we were stationed in Germany, we spent every Easter at Clara Maria. LOVED it and the family was fantastic!!

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