A Lavish Indonesian Lunch Overlooking Mount Batur Volcano

Some of the world’s most delicious cuisine, partly, gets its flavour from its surroundings. By some means, the dining experience is elevated when paired with spectacular views. The more picturesque the surrounding, the better are the chances of you remembering it for the rest of your life. One such culinary extravaganza I cherished, was in Bali, overlooking the Mount Batur Volcano. On a clouded afternoon, I arrived at Batur Sari Resto to indulge in a traditionally scrumptious Indonesian lunch. Batur Sari Restaurant is split into two seating areas – enclosed and the unenclosed space outdoors. I chose to seat myself in the open air, from where you can enjoy the best-uninterrupted views of Mount Batur, the active Balinese volcano.

Fresh Coconut Batur Sari Resto

As I fixed my gaze over the mountain’s silhouette, the mammoth clouds in the sky, began to change colours. In a fraction of a second, the clouds floated away, making space for the illuminated ambient sunlight. The sky went on to perform its own magic show, while, my camera relentlessly photographed the surroundings. While I was dawdling alongside the instagrammable Balinese nests and the magical swing chair, the resto’s waitress approached my table with a fresh coconut. While in Bali, I’d made it a ritual to start all my meals with a creamy Balinese coconut that holds up to 1.25 litres of salubrious water. Sipping on the tender green coconut, I went on to gaze the mountain of the mountains – Gunung Batur, roosted between two centric calderas of Mount Agung.

Batur Sari Resto

I was seated facing the 7.5 km broad, intramural, collapsed top that was brought into being, 28,500 years ago. The one stretching out to the beautiful Lake Batur on your right is the South-Eastern caldera. The first time an eruption, was documented here was in 1804, followed by another lava ejection in 1968 and 2000. Although the last emission recorded, is one of the most dynamic on the earth. Just by looking at the very black, topsoil encircling Mount Batur, you can gather the amount of magnesium and iron; basaltic lava must have carried when it dripped down in a steady stream. This sweeping belt of flat-lying lava bed is surrounded, by 15 villages and extends hundreds of miles across the underlying terrain. UNESCO included Mount Batur in the list of the Global Geo parks on September 20th 2012.

Batur Sari Resto Nest

In addition to the sweeping views of Mount and Lake Batur, this charismatic restaurant offers incredible Indonesian dishes. The buffet luncheon is a lavish spread of authentic Indonesian specialities. From the Nasi collection, try the Nasi Goreng (fried rice), and the Nasi Ketela (Rice with sweet potatoes), wherein, from the Goreng flock, taste Mie Goreng (fried noodles), and Ayam Goreng, the fried chicken. Some of the other dishes worth tasting are Cap Cay (mixed veg), Lumpia (spring rolls), Bombay Goreng (onion rings), Sate Ayan (Chicken Satay), Kentang Goreng (French Fries), Daging Sapi (Beef), Tofu, and shrimp crackers. The desserts come with a luxurious choice of Jajan Bali, Pisang Goreng, Black Rice Pudding, and a variety of fresh fruits.

Satay Batur Sari Resto

Chicken Satay Batur Sari Resto

The dining experience set atop the roof terrace boasts breathtaking views, so you can dine on traditional cuisine while feasting your eyes on Bali’s vast volcano. It is worth arriving a bit early so that you can grab the best seat. For $20, not only, can you enjoy agog dishes featuring Bali’s culinary culture, but also, eclectic views, that ensure an ‘unconventional’ dining experience. By all means, the rolling countryside of Kintamani Village creates memories even after the plate, is cleared.

P.S. I visited Sari Batur Resto as a guest of Indonesia Tourism Board, however, the views are my own.

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