Visiting Atomium, A Science Symbol In Brussels

The technologically advanced Atomium towers 333 feet over northern Brussels’ suburbs, echoing a metal outcast from an alien world. I arrived at this giant science symbol early in the morning to avoid the usual long queue. For a ticket priced at €12, I spent more than an hour admiring the structure as well as its surroundings. With this ticket – you may even access the uppermost floor, featuring spectacular views of Brussels. Built to pay honour to the contribution of science in our lives, Atomium is a captivating architecture with 9-large metallic balls. These nine metallic balls are interlinked, with steel tube-columns containing elevators and escalations.

About Atomium

The Belgian Atomium Atomium was assembled in the 19th-century as a symbol of postwar advancement. This gigantic monument was created, to be exhibited, at the 1958 World Fair. Later post-makeover in 2006, it became the architectural icon it is today! Within this structure, each Atomium ball is put-in-order like a set of chemistry toolkit to render iron atoms in their crystal framework. Except these atomic balls are 165 bn times larger than the ones designed for school projects. By and large, Atomium features nine shiny spheres that connect each other by tubular passageways.

In 2006, each faltering aluminium sphere was replaced, by a brand-new steel ball. Collectively, these nine spheres form a giant cell with interesting-interiors comprising a lovely restaurant, an exhibition space and plenty of space to spot phenomenal city views. The night view is exceptionally-impressive as, in the evening, the entire structure is lit with startling lighting.

Things To Do At Atomium

  1. Atomium, apart from a science exhibition also makes a Great spot for a day picnic given its wide landscapes.

  2. After taking pictures of the monument, take a walk inside the surrealistic tubes and spheres of Atomium.

  3. Post exploring all nine spheres, head to the on-site restaurant for an authentic Belgian lunch.

  4. Next, visit the exhibition centre that tells the history of this fantastic building.

  5. Drop by the boutique store where you can buy unique Atomium souvenirs for your loved ones.

If you stay back through the evening or are visiting after-dark, Atomium will surprise you with a lighting show, like no other. The panorama-level restaurant opens at 7 PM, and if you are visiting Atomium for dinner, then you don’t have to pay an additional entrance fee, but, you do need to have a reservation. First-time visitors must opt for a guided tour to get a good understanding of the monument.

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