One Asia: New Year Celebrations

I travelled down to Indore in December to participate in Marriott’s festivities, which wouldn’t have been complete without a trip to One Asia. What better way to celebrate the conclusion of the Chinese year of the dog and mark the beginning of the year of the Earth pig than have a lovely meal at a PAN Asian restaurant? Especially since I love Sushi, Dim sums, and desserts imbued with the aromas of herbs and healthful foods.

One Asia Indore New Year Party

Even though the Chinese New Year is celebrated on 5th Feb each year, One Asia brought the festivities to Indore, much in advance, on 31st December 2018. That too in an artistic way. A remarkable culinary experience was organised, highlighting a fine cooking jaunt! Marriott One Asia presented a special menu with a range of Asian-style morsels this evening.

One Asia Indore Dimsums

This affluent Marriott restaurant is ideal for aristocrats, or a family, who may want to enjoy a sincere time in a quiet setting. And New Year’s Eve was all about caring and sharing! The mouthwatering delights prepared by One Asia Chefs left me drooling for more, and whether you have a sweet tooth or not, you too will want to eat more and more of these healthy desserts.

One Asia New Year Menu

We began our evening with a selection of Sushi, Sashimis, Seared fresh meat, tempura shrimp, and steamed and fried dim sums. I was drinking Glenlivet (18-year-old) Scotch Whisky on the rocks tonight. The variety of Asian desserts left me spoilt, and I may have spent a large part of my dinner evening around those counters.

One Asia Indore Sushi

Asian culinary specialities are the most lavish when it comes to cuisine. The magnificence of Asian food is that it embodies simplicity while wrapped in many time zones. These recipes (as easy as they may look) require a lengthy preparation process. As a result, they pass for extravagant dinners with ease. To match the richness of the Asian meals, One Asia also organised a live singing performance to ring in the New Year with zeal, quickly illuming the festive atmosphere.

We welcomed the year of the Earth Pig with a superb Asian feast concluded with live entertainment. Most significantly, I adore the restaurant’s simple design, featuring a variety of Asian kettles, bamboo steamers, and authentic Chinese silk artwork at the entryway.

One Asia Indore Neha Khanuja
Neha Khanuja singing at One Asia NYE Party

I missed getting a fortune cookie though! The fact I was here, was ample proof that the dragon was planning on bringing me good fortune like those in attendance.

One Asia Indore Decor

Thank you very much to GM Devesh Rawat and Chef Hemant Sharki for having me and making this evening memorable.

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