Day Trip To Zurich The Lake City Of Switzerland

Switzerland, on the whole, reminded us of DDLJ at almost every corner. From the most-celebrated ‘dreamy’ couple of Bollywood missing their train at Zurich Station to singing a duet in a sunflower field, we sure followed a similar trail recreating our own, sequel. As well, a taut duet of sunshine and blue skies made it worth our while. Starting from Zurich, the city of corporates, and remarkable lakes. Simple, and elegant to the core! Besides, the 18th-century Zurich Railway Station is the largest in Switzerland, and it’s only fair that Karan Johar chose his main leads to miss their trains in this romantic abode of greenish-blue waters.

Zurich Lake View

As a matter of fact, Zurich is the apex of the wide railway network that sprawls across its complexed alpine terrains. Which, makes it your first monumental landmark if arriving by train. Silently welcoming you to a German-speaking country in Europe. Which, left a little scope for us to interact with them unless, we spoke broken-German, which we didn’t. So, instead, we got right to the exploration embarking on Lake Zurich, city’s most-famed tourist spot. Located at the northwestern tip of the city, this, as pretty as a picture lake, is where we got acquainted with the concept of concealed contrasts and deep pockets.

Switzerland Lakes

Lake Zurich is a glacier formation of the 18th-century Linth River which melted down its way into a serene, stream. The harbourside is more popular as the German Obersee, the mainstream parking lot of luxurious yachts, and boats. And also home to immaculately stunning Swans! A boat trip into the gleaming turquoise waters of Zurich Lake is sufficient to get to know the city well. But, there are so many other factors that make Zurich, the ‘finest’ town in Switzerland. For instance, the contemporary art and cultural scene is an incredible variation from the history that dates back to the 15th BC Roman Turicum.

Switzerland Stunning Lakes

Even though, Zurich was officially ‘established’ in the tenth century. In the 21st-century, the city has developed into the world center of gold trading. For those unaware, Swiss Banks hold up to 1/3rd of the worldwide ‘cross-border’ assets, most of which, are locked behind the secured doors of Zurich’s bank lockers. But, even bankers get to break away from their corporate life, as soon as, they hit the cobblestone streets. Love is in the air, wherever you walk! However, the three line promenades and the bygone-era architecture is where you feel it the best. 

For us, the sauntering went on to become a culinary journey out of an architectural excursion. In Zurich, eat the Swiss raclette, pork burgers, Afghan pasties, okonomiyaki, corn cakes, baked bananas, and home-made ice creams from the hawker-style food trucks. Traveling like a local included us trying the blue and red city trams. For downtown splurging, visit Bahnhofstrasse, world’s most sophisticated shopping avenue. And for cultural exploration, take a trip to art and clock museums. Or church Grossmünster, and the St. Peter clock tower.

Whichever part of the city you choose to unearth, there are good chances of you spotting, phenomenal alpine views on an uncloudy day.  

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9 thoughts on “Day Trip To Zurich The Lake City Of Switzerland

    1. There are a few museums, cathedrals, art galleries, Theatres, Chic restaurants however Lake Zurich is the most famous tourists attraction. No doubt it’s a small city, and you can explore it in a few hours then proceed to Lucerne or Interlaken. Those are the best places to stay in Switzerland for scenic beauty. Zurich has the largest airport in Switzerland, therefore most tourists land here first then make their journey forward 🙂

        1. Do share your experience post your visit 🙂 Also, do indulge in ‘watch-shopping’ while you are in Switzerland..Cheers!

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