Wella Oil Reflections Shampoo and Hair Mask

In the world of Luxury beauty, Wella Professionals, a German brand has launched, an amazing range of haircare products. Not only, do these products excel in reducing hair fall but also, remarkably enhance lustre and strengthing of the hair. Personally, I love Wella’s high-performance ‘salon-like’ products, because, they make my hair strong. The Oil Reflections range exclusively includes a variety of oils, shampoos, conditioners, and hair styling treatments. So, if you are dealing with dry hair and hair fall issues then, these two products must top your shopping list.

Wella Professionals

What’s not to love about a moisturising ‘Oil Reflections’ Champoo and mask that’s also suitable for coloured hair? After using the products for about 7-8 times, I think I can already notice my hair incredibly shiny. The best part is that this oil reflection shampoo contains a unique shine-enhancer and an intense cleansing formula.

For starters, this is Wella’ first oil based shampoo collection, with the nutritional value of White Tea extract and Camellia oil. (The secret formula to intense moisturising and those luscious locks) I suggest you get the 250 ML bottle for INR 975, which should last for 2-3 months.

With Wella, trust the benefits of ancient ‘White Tea’ to take you by a pleasant surprise. Derived from the sun-dried buds of Camellia, White Tea, is packed with essential nutrients hence, superior to all teas. In fact, this powerhouse of antioxidants lowers cholesterol, improves digestion, boosts memory, and promotes healthy hair. 

As well, this shampoo claims to have attributes that smoothen your normal, damaged, and frizzy hair, 3 times faster than others. For best results, apply the shampoo on wet hair, lather, and rinse off.

Wella Shampoo & Hair Mask

Wella’s “Luminous Reboost Mask” is a complimenting product with the Oil Reflections Shampoo. That’s because, both these professional products feature ‘White Tea’ extract and Camellia seed oil which works wonders on dry hair, replenishing the roots. All in all, the perfect balance of moisture left my hair feeling smooth and silky after few washes. Also, I love the fragrance of the hair mask, which instantly evokes the white sand dune feeling of the Orient. For best results, apply the hair mask on dry or lightly wet hair for 5-10 minutes, massage, and rinse off. The Oil Reflections hair mask is available for INR 935 in a 150 ML bottle.

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