The Best Water Sport Destinations in Europe

Europe is unique. A melting pot of different cultures, languages and even climates all within a relatively small spot. Europe can offer pretty much every type of holiday, from luxurious city breaks to snowy mountains, and from lazy spa breaks to adventurous water sports breaks.

Millions of people holiday in European destinations every year. The cheap flights around the continent mean that people from the likes of Germany and the UK tend to jump on a plane and head to Europe’s more southern countries for a dip in the water. While you may associate water sports with tropical conditions in Thailand or roasting hot Californian beaches; Europe has a thriving community offering a huge amount of thrilling water activities. We’ve explored some of the best destinations for water sports fans throughout Europe.


Spanish culture has spread far and wide throughout the world, and it remains a popular holiday destination. It has a large coastline with many thriving holiday resorts, plenty of space for water sports to take place.

Windsurfing is one of the most common sports to take part in here, and the Spanish owned islands of Gran Canaria and Fuertaventura (a little further south than Spain itself) are amazing due to their breezy conditions. People also love to take part in scuba diving around the Spanish coast, and the Balearic islands of Menorca and Majorca offer some amazing sea life for snorkeling fans.


Spain’s neighbor, Portugal, and specifically Madiera, is an amazing destination for those who enjoy surfing and other board sports.

The area has a ton of stunning beaches with clear seas, and a thriving community of people who take part in everything from mainstream surfing to other board sports such as skimboarding and bodyboarding.


Greece is a country steeped in history, yet the large coastline and varied huge amount of islands mean that water sports are a part of the culture there. If you’re looking for a luxury break that incorporates diving, Santorini is a picturesque island and an iconic location for holidaymakers.

In other words, you will find with plenty of beaches here to head off for a diving experience. Other islands such as Kos and Crete boast amazing beaches with some impressive waves, making them a popular choice with surfers. Greece gets very hot in the summer, making the beaches even more popular. Above all, this is the time when water sports lovers from all around the globe flock to some amazing resorts.


This may not be a location that jumps into your mind when you think about water sports. However Kayaking in Scotland and around the Scottish Isles has become very popular due to breathtaking views and beautiful beaches.

There are over 10,000 km of beaches in Scotland hence water sports tours and holiday packages have grown in popularity over recent years. Sailing and gliding options for a Scottish water break, and the Kayaking breaks have become a real hit. All this and more when you explore Scotland’s lochs, rivers and even the chilly Scottish coast.

Our list should give you plenty of Inspiration

Water Sports breaks come in all different shapes and sizes. Besides, Europe has so much variation in weather, culture and landscape that there are hundreds of exceptional options. Our list should give you plenty of inspiration to start exploring this beautiful continent.

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