Vestlia Resort is a True Paradise in Geilo

Vestlia Resort Parking View
Vestlia Resort from the Room Balcony

After traversing through many Fjords, many rising snow-mountains and dim-lit tunnels, at last, we arrived at Geilo, the supreme Ski Village. Not only, does this dope small town tops the must-see list in Norway but also, a paradigm of how nature is shaping itself. Throughout thousands of years back, Geilo has been a popular Ski destination for international tourists. You may be surprised to find out that this could perhaps, be the most charming area of Norway. We were able to spend two full days here without anything else to sight than the World’s most impressive summer landscapes. Wondering all along, what would it be like to observe the midnight sun and northern lights from here. Featuring steep mountains, cross-country trails, and glacier trekking, Geilo is a perfect hidden gem for hiking, biking or Skiing. 

Vestlia Resort is a true paradise in Geilo

Vestlia Resort Reception

Designed by Helene Jennie, Vestlia Resort is a true-paradise in Geilo. What can we say, at first we were floored by the phenomenal views of the Norwegian mountain ranges on either side. Then smashed by the fairytale candle-laden interiors. As if, by magic we walked into one of the gorgeous sets of a fantasy movie. All too good to live! During our stay, we met quite a few people from Oslo and Bergen. And, they gave us a hundred reasons for why Geilo and Vestlia Resort make their favourite weekend getaway.

Vestlia Resort

Vestlia Resort resonates an unusually good-energy, mostly inspired by wonderful hospitality, comfortable rooms, and excellent food. Ski is not a possibility in summer, however, do set out to explore the village museum, theatre, and market. We were too enchanted by the grandeur of Vestlia Resort, to stay inside for as long as we could. Eventually, we did step out and had a great time! 

What a Difference a Stay Makes

Inside Vestlia Resort Rooms

If accommodation makes any difference then, the ski-in-ski-out Vestlia Resort of Geilo will smash you with its staggering sights. The least of its impressive features is a room with a sofa and a balcony with spectacular views. Perched on the hilltop of Bakkestolvegen, Vestlia Resort offers comprehensive facilities to the room guests.

Vestlia Resort Fireplace Seating

From remarkable wooden furnishings to a luxurious Spa, staying at this resort makes all the difference. We stayed in the Double room with sofa bed, which essentially echoes that of the village itself. Starting with a rental of € 250 per night, Vestlia outstretches its opulence to Penthouse Hamsun and Victoria.

Vestlia Resort Chandelier

Get away from the luxurious bedrooms and, a whole world of wooden fittings await you in the lobby. We remember walking silently on the wood decked flooring as, we kept gazing at the Reindeer head wall decoration, exquisite chandeliers, and plush sofas inviting us to take up serious lazy lounging.

Vestlia Resort Food

The candle cove led us to a magic place! Who would have guessed that for a restaurant name right? A Magic Place is Vestlia’s in-house restaurant where we savoured one of the best Norwegian meals. The chefs, in particular, use old traditions of refinement to improve the taste and quality of the dishes. But, we think it’s their creativity and imagination which brings out the best flavours. Phenomenal food, prompt service and we winded up with a drink by the Hunter’s Bar open-fire. 

Fitness and Wellness at Vestlia Resort

Vestlia Resort Hot Pool

Next day begun with a dip into the semi-heated private pool of Vestlia, tugged away in the basement. Opening to a magnanimous Horse painting, this Pool arena also features a sauna, hot tub and a kid’s pool. The buffet breakfast was just as good but, walk past the automated entrance gate of wood, and cold chilly weather will catch up with you. If you are visiting in winter then, the Resort lets you take free Skiing lessons for three hours. We can’t wait to visit in winter only, to Ski along that massive network of zig-zag trails. To luxuriate in Golfing, hit up Vestlia’s 9-hole Golf course for professional golfers. On the whole, staying at Vestlia was a one of a kind experience and we recommend this property to anyone travelling this route. 

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