Vert Golden Glow, the Perfect Highlighter for 2018

Priced at INR 1295, Vert Golden Glow is a highlighter that every woman should own. And I am saying this after crazily wandering amid the variety of skin highlighters available in the market. However, what made Vert Golden Glow a perfect match for my skin tone is that it is 100% organic and works pretty well with my pearl-ice-hued complexion. Also, this is my go-to product every time I want to add that last-minute natural glow to my face. So, if you are wondering how to get that gorgeous celebrity glow this season, here’s unfolding the secret to unfading beauty.

Vert Gold Highlighter Powder

How to apply Vert Golden Glow

To add radiance and warmth to your face, you should apply the highlighter on top of a layer of a baby pink-coloured blush or a soft rose powder. I use Miss Pink Sheer Blush by Vert, which is another organic product safeguarding skin against any collateral damage. Miss Pink comes in a pale-rose colour, which adds a stunning base effect to the highlighter. Absolutely perfect to boost that natural pink blush that we all want. Although, the mysteriously natural glow Vert brings along, is something that makes you look even more youthful. Infused with the benefits of turmeric powder, French clay, and Jojoba oil, Vert’s natural mineral gold powder, is all you need for that final polishing touch.

With 3-dimensional cheekbones trending on beauty charts, Vert Golden Glow is certainly the best highlighter, to give a shot, in 2018. In all honesty, I love its fine velvety texture and the fact that my skin doesn’t dry out after applying Golden Glow. To get the best radiant finish, brush on inwards from the cheeks and outwards from the nose. This luxurious soft highlighter buffs evenly to blend with the sheer Miss Pink Blush. In addition to the much-envied luminous skin, this mineral-based finish powder works beautifully for all skin types. With a subtle stroke of luminosity, the highlighter blurs out blemishes and does a great job at highlighting the cheekbones.


Mineral-based product

The healthy natural glow stays all day

100% Organic

Blends in very easily

Soft and smooth texture


Suitable for all skin types


Does not come with an applicator

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