These unresolved mysteries are yet to discover an answer

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The life and existence of Jesus

The surviving accounts of Jesus, date back to the first century after the life of Jesus. Archeological examinations of Nazareth, the main residence uncovers the environment where he grew. As of late researchers discovered a first-century house similar to the house of Jesus. Although, they couldn’t find other information about Jesus’s personality. Researchers think it’s impossible they will ever figure what Jesus was truly similar to.

Did they ever find Cleopatra’s tomb?

Earlier, it was recorded that Cleopatra VII and Mark Antony were entombed near Temple Isis. This temple serves as the landmark of treasures such as emeralds, pearls, gold, silver, black, and ivory. In 2010, Egypt’s former antiquities minister had directed an excavation close to Taposiris Magna. The site had the tombs dating to the time when Cleopatra was the Queen of Egypt. Many archeological disclosures were made however Cleopatra’s tomb was not among them. Archeologists think even if they find Cleopatra’s tomb, it will be unidentifiable.

Unresolved Mysteries of Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper is famous for brutally murdering 5 ladies in 1888 in London. Soon after Ripper sent various letters to police insulting their efforts to locate him. In fact, the name Jack the Ripper originates from these letters. Throughout the century many individuals tried to find the Ripper, however, none succeeded. A book proposes that a lady named Lizzie Williams was the Ripper. The Ripper specialists disagree with the book and its theory. 

Who killed President Kennedy?

President Kennedy’s death is likely the greatest secret in American history. Lee Harvey Oswald shot President Kennedy on November 22nd of 1963. Thereafter on November 24, 1963, preceding Oswald’s trial, dance club proprietor Jack Ruby shot him. It seems Ruby wanted to save Jacqueline Kennedy the frustration of Oswald returning to trial. Yet history specialists don’t concur with this clarification. Since Kennedy’s death, numerous explanations have been presented but none have been proved.

The Copper Scroll Treasure

In 1952 archeologists found a copper scroll in a surrender alongside other dead sea scrolls at the site of Qumran. The engraved work on a copper scroll reveals a tremendous amount of concealed fortune. The parchment goes back to a period when the Roman Empire controlled the Qumran territory. Whether the fortune exists or not is a riddle that will never be settled.

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