A Cultural Trip to the Iron Plate Tables at Umi Uma Teppanyaki

At the time, Genting Dream was preparing to set sail, into the deep crystal waters of Singapore Strait, I was voguing up, to put my chopstick etiquettes to test on 1st December 2017. My 8 PM reservation had me visit Umi Uma on-time, to watch Kung Fu Chefs pull off remarkable cleaver tricks. Watching it on TV is one thing, while, streaming it live at an acclaimed restaurant, is altogether a dream experience.

Japanese cuisine is a subtle fusion of customary umami and harmony. However, participating in the authentic Japanese cooking culture certainly opens new doors to the land of the rising sun. At Umi Uma, delving into Asian culture gets cushy with premium Iron Plate cookery, live food demonstrations, and a kettle of Sake.

A Cultural Trip inside the Iron Plate Tables of Umi Uma Teppanyaki

Genting Dream’s Japanese connoisseur Umi Uma (on Deck 8) features 3 unique dining concepts. The best, however, is the traditional Japanese, Live cooking show on the Iron Plate tables. From the main entrance, Umi Uma appears to be an imperatively, dim lit, box room. As soon as, we walked in, the lights turned cheerful and the stunning blue ocean became distinctly visible through the large glass windows.

My dining experience at Umi Uma was paired with a golden opportunity to engage in a conversation with travel influencers like Anak Jajan, Jewels Zee, and Amber Chia. Now, that’s exactly, what a traditional Japanese dinner is all about! (About mealtime togetherness and building new friendships)

Now, it’s clear we chose Umi Uma Teppanyaki (Live Grill) over other 2 dining concepts. (Umi Uma Sushi Bar and Korean BBQ) The irresistible Teppanyaki tables are set in a traditional dining design, matched with modernly styled ceilings. The red cushioned chairs, porcelain ginger jars, rising sun paintings, and white porcelain ware with sweese curves instantly revive the Japanese essence. Also, you can’t miss the early evening ocean therapy, while, dining at Umi Uma Teppanyaki.

The Chef Nailed it, with Heat, Heart, and Swag

Umi Uma Teppanyaki, is a bewitching melting pot, of modernism. Where even the bashing of meat pronounces a rhythmic cling-cling, clang-clang of the Japanese Cleavers. What’s amazing is that Chefs go an extra mile to engage guests and serve them hi-quality food of their choice. Our Filipino Chef began the conversation by introducing himself and getting introduced to each one of us.

The Chef checked upon our food allergies before cooking for us. Then came along the most awaited dramatic presentation! Hell yeah, Kon’nichiwa! I whispered to myself, while, the Chef was nailing it, with his artistic expressions. In one moment, it was the cleaver and egg tricks, while next minute, he was dancing to the tunes of Gangnam style. We couldn’t stop laughing for those 3 hours we spent at the table. I swear, it couldn’t be more perfect!

Culinary Nirvana Onboard

Genting Dream has set up a world of culinary nirvana onboard to give you an Asian gastronomy experience at sea. Umi Uma, one-of-such restaurants, distinctively symbolise social vacation, unfolding, tempting food aromas, and classic cruise dining. I was thrilled to be able to order a Dream Ocean Shinto, a Japanese Teppanyaki Combo featuring sea scallops and jumbo shrimps.

By the time, I was served dinner, I chatted with Chef and other guests, over Japanese craft beer and Guinness, an Irish dry stout. This was the first time I was tasting a dark and chocolaty, Beamish Stout, with a spicier note. (Black Beer, to explain on fingers) Needless to mention, our Filipino Chef’s swag was endless!

I was lucky to receive the last available Dream Ocean Shinto combo on Genting Dream that night. With pleasure, I was a happy customer, who enjoyed every bite of her meal. My Sea scallops were perfectly cooked and melted in my mouth. You have got to try the scallops with white pepper and mushroom seasoning to get the best taste.

Likewise, the Jumbo shrimps were cooked to perfection and tasted so fresh. Along with our order, the Chef also served us Japanese rice and stir fry veggies. Followed by, a finger-licking dessert (Banana Pancakes with Icecream) and of-course infinite servings of Sake.

Cooking sea scallops, is a luxurious art, says Gordon Ramsay!

If Gordon Ramsay says it, then it ought to be right! However, with the number of culinary delights dished out that night, we were irrefutably spoilt for a great many luxurious choices. Watching the Chef cook Sea Scallops (to a perfect pink) was a phenomenal experience! Let’s agree, fine-dining is either a special experience or nothing.

Whether or not, you are familiar with the etiquettes, a few clubbable moments now and then will cater amusement. Asians love their food and Umi Uma, proved it to me, with their gastronomic excellence, worth experiencing, in the middle of the ocean.

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Predominantly, Umi Uma Teppanyaki, is a marriage, of fresh ingredients and herbs. From Ginseng, Foie gras, Sea Scallops, to Asian beverages, expect nothing but, shockingly great food, to surprise your taste buds. Plan your visit to Umi Uma, well in advance. It’s highly unlikely you will find a last-minute table at any of the speciality restaurants on Genting Dream. Bear in mind, whether you are seeking a discerning palate or an outdoor patio grill, Genting Dream has it all planned out for you.

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