Lavishly Authentic Rajasthani Restaurants

Rajasthan is a princely state that conveys the Indian pride of Royals, across the globe. From magnificent palaces to massive fortresses to incredibly royal recipes, Rajasthan is India’s heritage at its best. Hosting festivals in the most traditional way, Rajasthan further extends its diversity to wildlife encounters, Dessert exploration, Bandhej fabric, and Lal Maas, a local delicacy. In fact, the pink city of Jaipur, also, Rajasthan’s capital, is famous for producing one-of-a-kind spices. Daunting an era of majestic heritage, once, reigned by Mughals and Rajputs, Rajasthan has evolved into a gateway to extraordinary gastronomy experiences. All across Rajasthan, the land of the Royalty, you will find Rajasthani restaurants serving meals and Thali’s prepared by using the most traditional methods.

Rajasthan Luxurious Restaurants

Talk about the flagship special Dal Bati Churma, Lal Maas, and Paneer Ghevar. By all means, finger-licking delicious! In the urge to explore authentic Rajasthani cuisine, I started my state exploration with the Pink city, of Jaipur.

Natraj Jaipur Menu

1. Natraj Restaurant in Jaipur

Although I have eaten at several restaurants in Jaipur before, Natraj stands out for its grand Thali’s. Located at a 3-minute drive from Sawai Jai Singh Statue Circle, Natraj is quintessentially a polished Rajasthani restaurant serving excellent food for over 50 years. One of the best places in the heart of the city, to get a taste of kosher Rajasthani cuisine.

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Rajasthani Thali Jaipur

Thali House is another great outlet to taste Rajasthani Thalis in Jaipur. Close to Sindhi Camp Bus-stand, Thali House is a traditionally decorated restaurant serving great Indian food. For an extravagant indulgence, I’d say, try Virasat Restaurant close to Godam circle. In this lavish Diner, you are made to sit on the floor, to enjoy a Grand multi-course Thali in a true Rajasthani way.

Will be adding more diners to this list soon. Until then, feel free to drop in your suggestions and the names of your favourite eateries in Rajasthan.

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