Most Luxurious Lounge Bar Restaurants of Maharashtra

Ranked the richest-state of India, Maharashtra unquestionably brings you the most luxurious restaurants and lounge bars of the nation. Most prevailing in Maharashtra’s top four cities, that is to say, Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, and Nasik. Our Maharashtra excavation was a remarkable exploration of the traditional food culture, as well as, the metropolis rage. Most of which came from some of the most luxurious Diners of Maharashtra. Let’s say, either these upmarket restaurants caught our attention with their gastronomy union or with the remarkable decor exclusivity imbibed in every ounce of their being. Have a look and decide for yourself!

1. Tiqri, Taj Santacruz, Mumbai

Tiqri in the evening

One of the most coruscating luxury lounge bars, of Mumbai, is situated inside the new runway view property of Taj. At first glance, you will be awed into admiring the ‘monumental’ Tiqri art wall, which is symbolic of Rajasthan’s mirror craft. Accompanied by coquettish orange club chairs which look across the spanning buffet bench, involving a dimensional enigma. From relishing both the authentic Maharashtrian flavors under the Tree of Life as well as, the European fare of favorite classics, Tiqri served one of a kind gastronomic indulgence one must certainly give a try.

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2. Theory The Experience 

Theory The Experience

The theory the experience is an experiential luxe lounge restaurant of South Mumbai featuring interiors like that of an upscale Greek Tavern. With dim-lit cave walks to sipping organic concoctions, Theory evokes a nostalgic beachside Mediterranean vibe in the most upscale locality of Mumbai. We recommend you start with an organic Gin cocktail and follow it up with some very-palatable European delicacies. All along, the iconic hits from the 90’s will keep you company with its recherché burst of energy, and soul.

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3. Oasis Swim Up Bar Pune 

Oasis Swim up Bar Pune

One of the most-fascinating bars that we have encountered in India is the Oasis Swim Up bar at the Corinthians Pune. Oasis swim-up bar lets you enjoy a cocktail in the pool, in the company of unique Egyptian architectural designs. Built inside a 25-acre lush green property, the Oasis is the ultimate bar to cherish a unique drinking experience. To complete the experience, step out of the pool, pat dry and savor Mediterranean seafood salad by the poolside Oceanus cafe. 

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4. Playboy Club, South Mumbai


For an exclusive night out and gastronomic experience, hit the Play Boy Club situated in the quiet premises of Birla Centurion. With the guest-list-only culture, it’s almost hard to get access to PBC unless you know someone who could get you in! That said, if you do get access then be prepared to get some scrumptious finger food served to you by the realtime bunny waitresses. The lavishly-grand interiors, UFO ‘alike’ lighting, and revolutionizing old-school music are bound to set your evening on fire. 

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5. Oak Lounge Pune

Oak Lounge Marriott Suites Pune

Pune is a quiet neighborhood of Mumbai, surrounded by the rising Sahyadri range of mountains. Although, Pune is most-visited by corporate executives and business professionals as the city houses the best of Tech giants. And right in the heart of Koregaon Park downtown Pune, is a club which hosts the most sophisticated ambiance of town. The Oak Lounge by Marriott Suites Pune is where you should unwind while you listen to some fantastic music and at the same time, munch on delicious finger food. Besides, this posh club is open until late midnight and is also an incredible after-party venue.

6. Club B, Juhu Mumbai

Club B Mumbai

Sheathed in sheer luxuries of modernism, Club B is Mumbai’s newest luxe restaurant located inside the iconic ‘Kishore Kumar’ bungalow. Draped in timeless interiors, Club B presents a spellbinding menu which has the potential to turn any common event into a rare celebration. Whether planning a proposal or an intimate dinner, Club B has the finest luxuries in the town on display. 

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7. Play The Lounge, South Mumbai

Play The Lounge

If you are planning a serious-fun night then, Play The Lounge is the newest gaming hotspot of South Mumbai. This upscale lounge bar restaurant takes drinking games to another level. All that while an advanced lighting system with 16 mn flickering options set the right mood to win. From interactive drinking games to an incredible food menu, Play The Lounge is a perfect escape to relish smoky flavors with a touch of sports enthusiasm.  

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8. Le Bar & Salon, Nasik

Le Bar Salon, Nashik's Neon Lounge

In the lap of Sahyadri range lays the enchanting city of Nasik surrounded by scenic mountainous beauty, free-flowing rivers, and precious vineyards. Even though, the flourishing wine industry of Nasik is the reason why it’s commonly recognized, as the wine capital of India. And highlighting the spirit of Nasik, Express Inn’s ‘neon-lit’ Le Bar & Salon offers a great opportunity to smell and taste the city’s best wines over sports screenings. They also serve excellent finger food and a variety of scintillating sizzlers.

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