Big Plates for Mates at Theory in South Mumbai

Theory South Mumbai
Theory in South Mumbai

A vivid ‘yellow’ neon sign marks, the entrance of stylish THEORY, a sophisticated offering brought to you by Mikhail Pinto and Aakash Sheth. Walk inside and you will discover an upmarket ‘cave-like’ lounge bar similar to a Greek Tavern. In particular, famous for its European cuisine and organic cocktails, this downtown lounge bar is a retreat into oneself.

Theory The Experience

At Theory in South Mumbai, it’s all about attention to detail, whether, you are browsing their ravishing interiors or the luxurious menu. In fact, their Mediterranean-influenced dishes with rich flavours will bring you back to this one of a kind glam lounge. Enhancing its standing as the epitome of downtown luxury, Theory, offers both immaculate service and a traditionally rustic a la carte menu. 

Big Plates for Mates at Theory in South Mumbai

Goat Cheese Fegatini Theory

On this day, we inaugurated our mealtime togetherness with the all-new Tuscan Goat Cheese Fegatini served with sage butter foam. Fegatini’s are my favourite pasta but this one took the cake, with its chicken liver pate stuffing and dried cranberries, figs, and walnuts garnishing. Sage butter foam was new to me, and it does taste amazing. 

Tuna Tartare Theory

From the small plate menu, we also ordered the Japanese Tuna Tartare, cooked to perfection. An impressive, chilled and saucy gourmet speciality ladled out with fresh cubes of bluefin tuna, guacamole, sesame seeds and a drizzle of ponzu dressing. 

pickled Beetroot Risotto Theory

The big plate menu was our gateway to happiness. Gordon Ramsay, once said, who needs meat, when you can cook a healthy vegan lunch that’s simply indulgent. He was referring to Beetroot Risotto when he made that statement. But little did he know that his dialect will impact how connoisseurs expect their pickled Beetroot Risotto to be. Infused with arugula, pine and crumbled goat cheese, Theory’s Risotto will gratify Chef Ramsay as much as, it pleased us. 

Saffron Fettuccine Theory
Saffron Fettuccine

Next, we ordered Saffron Fettuccine, a scrumptiously divine-pasta cooked in a luxurious creamy sauce. Served with roasted bell pepper, baby aubergine, asparagus, sun-dried tomatoes, kalamata olives, and bocconcini cheese, Saffron Fettuccine is the best selection of a vegan delight. 

Braised Australian Lamb Shank Theory

From the list of non-veg specialities, Braised Australian Lamb Shank is the dish I will repeat next time. This exotically-spicy ‘main course item’ is slow-cooked in gremolata and rosemary jus. Which in return gives it, it’s intense Mediterranean flavour. 

Smoked Chilean Sea Bass Theory

We ended our meal by delving into the piquant flavours of the Smoked Chilean Sea Bass. Baked on the indirect-heat-side of the grill, this Chilean Sea Bass retained its moisture, despite, the bronze-crunchy-texture on the surface. This gourmet treat was served, with cauliflower puree, bok choy, poached egg, and mornay sauce.

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    1. I haven’t been to any brightly lit Lounge-Bar as yet 😉 so wouldn’t know what they look or feel like. But, of what I know, any sophisticated Lounge Bar will always have dim lighting, which may appear darker in the images due to low light exposure. ‘Darker’ is an absurd word to define this Luxe ristorante, perhaps a visit will change your mind.

    1. Thanks, Pushpendra 🙂 One and only restaurant in South Mumbai which has surpassed my expectation every time I have been here. Incredible European dishes enveloped in rich flavours, and you of all the people would love this place because you are a master of taste yourself 🙂

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