THEORY, The Maestro of Organic Concoctails

Theory South Mumbai

THEORY is South Mumbai’s newest cocktail den, impressing stylish connoisseurs, since its launch in December 2016. This posh tavern enwrapped in a curvy charcoal-colour decor welcomes you to retro music and exceptionally delicious European cuisine. Inside the busy complex of Kamala Mills, THEORY is a mecca of seriously-swanky cocktails, which you certainly need to explore before you leave Mumbai. 

Theory Gin Cocktail

THEORY, a Legendary Lounge in South Mumbai

At THEORY (The Experience) my journey of spirits began with Gin cocktails immersed in Indian Ayurvedic herbs. (their fermented Whiskies are also a must try) Either way, I love the art of molecular mixology which produces lovely organic concoctails. Granted that my Gin cocktail tasted like a Dutch Jenever (malt wine spirit) I’d say, its the sprinkling of traditional herbs is what gave it its intense flavour. Garnished with fresh thyme, citrus peel twists and star anise, believe you me, this is the cocktail which will make you fall in love with Gin. Furthermore, the botanical brisk flavour evokes both the beach as well as, the colonial Indian era vibe. Brits love Gin as, during their time in India, it was their refined medicinal drink. Today, this Scottish speciality is making its way back in the market with a dovetail.

Theory Mumbai Interiors

THEORY is run by, none other than, the niterie maestro’s Akash Sheth and Mickhiel Pinto. Inclined to create a European vibe in South Mumbai, both Mickhiel and Akash have built up this unconventional yet cosy restaurant lounge showcasing LIVE cooking by skilled Chefs. Everything you see and touch inside this beautiful lounge evokes a European nostalgia. 

From Greek ceilings, tropical hardwood teak furniture, intricate vintage seating to a long dreamy menu, THEORY indeed is a one-off experience. Pretty sure, this was one of the best dinner nights I’d attended in a very long time. Each dish was freshly prepared and tasted better than an authentic European meal. 

As challenging as that sounds, it is true! I absolutely, recommend this South Mumbai lounge-bar-restaurant to all the expert judges in the matters of taste.

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