In Netherlands, Visit The Hague for its Speciality Museums

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On the North Seabank of Netherlands, lies the beautiful city of The Hague. If you are visiting Amsterdam or Rotterdam, then do make time to visit this Gothic style city that offers plenty of speciality museums and architectural gems to admire. For instance, the 16th-century Noordeinde Palace, Gothic-style Binnenhof, Peace Palace, and the International Criminal Court.

In general, Amsterdam might seem to be the official capital of the Netherlands, however, the administration is mostly based out of The Hague/Den Haag. The Hague also happens to be Holland’s third-biggest town, with the shoreline resort of Scheveningen, and Madurodam with its an intriguing show of a miniature Dutch city.

Speciality Museums in The Hague

Amongst most visited speciality museums in Den Haag, are Madurodam, Escher in the Palace, Louwman Museum, Prison Gate Museum and Muzee Scheveningen. The colossal park of Madurodam features miniature Holland in Scheveningen district of The Hague. Therefore, visit this place to experience Dutch historical cities, and landmarks through the model replicas. The Escher in the Palace is a museum that exhibits the work of the Dutch graphical artist, M. C. Escher. The Louwman is a museum that specialises in historic motorcycles, cars, and coaches in The Hague.

The Prison Gate Museum or Gevangenpoort is a former medieval prison located right next to the 18th-century art gallery. Muzee Scheveningen is an 18th-century restored school building that represents the history of the fishing village and the seaside resort. This museum also features the aquatic life below sea level.

Other Places to visit in Den Hague

Visit the beautiful complex of Binnenhof and Ridderzaal, in the city centre, that sits next to the Hofvijver lake. Thereafter take a trip to the Peace Palace that houses the Hague Academy of International Law, International Court of Justice, Permanent Court of Arbitration, and the Peace Palace Library.

Likewise, some of the other architectural gems worth exploring would be the Old City Hall, Grote Kerk, Panorama Mesdag, Skyview De Pier, Lange Voorhout, Kijkduin Boulevard, Noordeinde Palace, Chinatown.

Where and What to Eat in The Hague

In the first place, check online if Den Haag is hosting a food festival around the time of your visit. If yes, then that would be the best place to taste the authentic Dutch flavours. Otherwise, the town has many wonderful restaurants where you can dine and cherish a glass of wine. Visit The Penthouse restaurant, if you’d like to enjoy your meal while watching the night lights of the city.

To savour Chinese flavours, hit the HanTing restaurant while to relish authentic Dutch cuisine, visit HofTrammm and restaurant Callas. Restaurant Mazie and Publique serve wonderful French cuisine, while Mochi offers the best Japanese food in town.

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    1. Miniature Holland is a wonderful site Indrani 🙂 although you may have to stay back in Den Haag for a night or 2 to explore other speciality museums and worthwhile landmarks…

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