The Stockholm Royal Palace with Swedish Antiquity

The Stockholm Royal Palace is a splendid royal estate stacked with Swedish antiquity. The Swedish State owns and maintains the Palace, through the National Property Board of Sweden. Whereas the office of the Governor of the Royal Palaces manages the royal right of disposition of the palace. A visit to this palace is a short royal journey to cherish for life. Not to mention, the palace is undergoing a comprehensive renovation estimated at the US $77 million. The renovation began in 2011, which means redesigning the interiors of 1,440 rooms with 660 windows. Notably, the palace contains apartments for the royal families, state apartments, guest apartments and the Bernadotte Apartments. In fact, Bernadotte Library contains the entire royal book collection with a count of 100,000 books.

The Royal Guards in Royal Palace of Stockholm

The Royal Guards have guarded the palace and the Royal Family since 1523. Therefore, do attend the daily change of the guard ceremony. The ceremony is a tribute to loyalty, security and mutual respect. Furthermore, the Royal Palace will tour you through the Swedish Royalty and “his majesty’s” unique lifestyle from one era to another. Today, about 400,000 people annually visit this 13th century medieval Palace. 

In fact, your ticket to the Stockholm Royal Palace entitles you to visit multiple locations. In other words, you can also visit the Royal Chamber, the Three Kronor Museum, the Treasury Museum and the Antiquities Museum. All these wonderful museums are worth a visit! Equally important, is that the ticket for an adult will cost you SEK 180 which is equivalent to INR 1400. You will have to pay an extra SEK 20 for a guided tour! The tour can be purchased at the ticket office in the Royal Palace. Spend a day here and explore the grandeur!

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