A Complete Guide to Sweden For First Time Travellers

I love Swedes because they cherish mid-summer like Christmas. It’s a package of lunch parties, flowers in the hair, singing songs and dancing in the shimmering sunshine. Nonetheless, most Swedes speak English, however there are still reasons to learn Swedish as a second language. When it comes to the Swedish cuisine, try meatballs with lingonberry jam, blueberry soup and variety of butter, margarine and olive oils.

Sweden is an awesome country to visit

There are a zillion reasons, but let me share some of the most interesting ones. The official Twitter account @Sweden is managed by a random citizen every week. Archaeologists found a Buddha statue in 1954, while excavating a viking settlement. Fascinating huh! By the way, about 97% people in this country hold a high school degree. This nation is a cosmopolitan Scandinavian country that pays USD 200 per month to attend high school. Likewise, with recently introduced laws, the employees must not work for more than 6 hours per day.

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Transportation and Connectivity in Sweden

Sweden is a country of thousands of coastal islands and inland lakes, along with lush green forests and glaciated mountains. Its principal cities are all coastal, and connected to each other through bridges. Stockholm itself is built on 14 islands, with more than 50 bridges. 90% people in Sweden speak English. There’s a Golf club on the border of Sweden and Finland, where half the holes are in one country, while the remaining in the other. Passports provided by the Sweden, UK and Finland offer visa-free travel to more countries than others. Sweden banned spanking and other corporal punishments of children in 1979. The pop band Abba wore comical outfits to avoid taxes which allowed deductions for clothing not meant for every day use.

More Sweden Fun Facts

  1. In this country, parents are entitled to 480 days of paid parental leave when a child is born or adopted. 
  2. Sweden’s Volvo made the three-point seatbelt design patent open and available to other car manufacturers for free, in the interest of safety. It saves one life every 6 minutes. 
  3. You can’t name your child “Ikea” or “Elvis” in Sweden. A former king of Sweden, Eric of Pomerania, became a pirate after he lost the throne. 
  4. Homosexuality was still classified as an illness in this country in 1979. Swedes protested by calling in sick to work, claiming they “felt gay”. 
  5. Blood donors in this country receive a ‘Thank you’ text when they initially donate blood. Thereafter, they receive a text when their blood is used to help someone! 
  6. September 3, 1967 was consecutively the “Dagen H” day in this country, when traffic switched from left-hand side to the right driving. 
  7. Sweden has not participated in wars for almost 2 centuries, despite it being a military power and one of the world’s largest producers of weapons.

Learn Friendly Swedish Phrases

  1. Good Morning                 God Morgon

  2. Hello                                God Dag | Hej

  3. Good Night                      God natt

  4. Cheers!                            Skål

  5. Sorry                                Forlat

  6. Please                             Tack

  7. Yes                                  Ja

  8. No                                    Nej

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