Starbucks India, The Journey between Great Service and Good Coffee

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It felt breathtaking to read my Blogger name ‘manually written’ on my Starbucks Coffee mug. However, there’s a whole other world to that captivating feeling that makes me visit Starbucks again and again. There are a lot of reasons, why I pick Starbucks India over Costa’s, Barista, Bru and CCD. In the first place, it kick begins with the warm welcome laid out by the expert yet benevolent staff. All things considered, great administration makes all the difference, wouldn’t you agree? 

Starbucks India: Your Exclusive Shortcut to Fame

The first thing I do, when I enter Starbucks is spot the best accessible seat (near the charging point). You can get the Wi-fi secret key from the main counter. From that point I submit my request, and they call out my name in a couple minutes. As an obvious truth, that is the most entrancing part about going to Starbucks! (The short ride to distinction) Most of us feel like a rockstar each time our name is declared amid a horde of 30 individuals.

Besides, the brief notoriety turns into a changeless memory and in the end brings you in the bistro once more. Starbucks opened it’s initial store in India in 2012, at Elphinstone Building in Mumbai. The initial couple of months were a booth, with a holding up time of 45 minutes regardless of what time you arrived. 

The coffee tasted smooth and velvety, which was very surprising than anything I had tasted in India. In 5 years the scene has changed, Starbucks may have extended various outlets however the quality of their coffee has dropped. Actually, Starbucks in western nations offers fine velvety coffee with steady quality. Which makes me ponder, why am I tolerating anything less in India?

Tahitian Vanilla Macchiato & Valencia Orange Cocoa Cappuccino at Starbucks India

During my recent visits, I tried 2 new flavours at Starbucks India Inorbit and Fort. First I tried the velvety ‘Tahitian Vanilla Macchiato’, infused with aromatic and caramel sweet Tahitian vanilla syrup. Furthermore, it is topped with Starbucks signature espresso and finished with vanilla bean specks and drizzle in a classic double crosshatch pattern. I took the Venti (Extra large size) cold coffee and I quite liked this one!

The second flavour was the new Valencia Orange Cocoa Cappuccino, which I tried hot. This coffee offers a subtle blend of roasted espresso and citrus-sweet orange. Above all, it is  adorned with the dried orange and cocoa powder sprinkles. The ingredients of new Valencia Cappuccino include orange mocha sauce, espresso shots, steamed milk and velvety foam.

Both these coffee’s have a unique flavour and are totally worth trying. Do try these contemporary flavours, if you are planning to visit Starbucks anytime soon. They are a good change from the traditional cappuccino’s and frappuccino’s. Also, I’m really sad that Starbucks India has completely scraped off Salads from their menu. The Sandwiches are nice, however they need to come up with more food options.

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  1. I frequently visit barista n ccd, but I’d never been to Starbucks. Now it’ll be my next coffee trip.

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