The Papal Basilica of St. Peter in the Vatican

St. Peter's Basillca

The Renaissance church of St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City, is the historic Italian Papal enclave of Rome. (And the largest church in the world!) Catholics believe that this Basilica is the most significant amongst Jesus’s Apostles. Yet another magnificent architecture that absorbs you, in the depth of its surreal charm, which was intricately designed by world’s most renowned artists. Michelangelo, Gian Lorenzo, Carlo Maderno, Donato Bramante, and Bernini, to name a few. So, what was it like to walk inside the holiest Catholic Shrine of all times?

St. Peters Basilica Ceiling

We’d say, the burial site of Saint Peter is sensationally serene! More so, when you get closer, to the high altar, situated directly below the Basilica. Word has it that the original-Basilica was constructed in the 4th-century, eventually replaced by the present one by the Roman emperor Constantine the Great. From its many historical associations to being the epitome of pilgrimage, St. Peter’s Basilica draws attention to various aspects of the Roman empire as well as, the birth of the spiritual inclination. Besides, for the most part, the architecture leaves you spellbound with no room for contemplation.

St. Peters Basilica Interiors

We read somewhere that dimensionally, this Basilica’s towering 450-foot dome is large enough to accommodate the statue of the liberty. (with its torch) In reality, the Basilica sprawls across 5.7 acres of the land, housing 150-detailed mosaics, one painting above the Pieta sculpture, six sculptures, and the dead bodies of one Russian saint and three popes. While, 201 other popes, are buried beneath the church!

St. Peters in Vatican City

A grand arcade built by 10 architects, and 31 popes, over a period of 219 years. However, to be able to get a free entry to the St. Peter’s, one needs to buy a ticket of the Vatican Museum. While you are here, swing by the La Pieta, the most controversial statue of its time. Its believed that the sculpture of Michelangelo at St. Peter’s Basilica was in fact, of a Florentine man. One random day, Michelangelo had secretly carved his name on the sculpture, to put behind, an endless-debate surrounding the ‘glorious’ statue.

St. Peters in Rome

From drama to suspense, this pilgrimage hotspot unveiled many surprising elements to us. Even though, we would like to go back and spend some additional time here soaking the tranquility of its very existence.

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