World’s Lightest Teal Blue SpaceLite Strolly

Regardless of whether we are air-voyaging, cruising or driving, we favour lightweight luggage at all circumstances. For a similar reason, this ultra-light luggage by VIP Bags will be your next most loved bag this season. This vibrant Teal Blue SpaceLite Strolly weighs just 1.9 Kg and will accommodate you for many miles. In addition, SpaceLite Strolly was the easiest to move around amid our broad Europe trip.

SpaceLite Strolly, Lightest Luggage by VIP Bags

This lightest strolly in soft luggage, weighs as much as a huge satchel without baggage. The bag is spacious, light-weight, secure and easily transports your luggage. Above all, SpaceLite strolly will surprise you with its extensive grey and orange interiors. There is bounty of storage space, even before you consider utilising the zipper expander. In addition, the interiors exhibit a toiletry pouch, mesh zipper and colour matched hardware.

The exteriors have an incorporated TSA lock to keep your luggage safe from airport baggage mishandling. Furthermore, the number combination system protects your luggage at all times and under all circumstances.

Water and Stain Resistant Teflon Fabric

SpaceLite strolly offers every quality component, you’d anticipate from an excellent luggage mark. When you consider purchasing soft luggage, you generally ponder about stains that could influence the magnificence of texture. Along these lines, VIP Bags used premium water and stain resistant ‘Teflon’ coated material to provide an external shield to SpaceLite strolly. This large size strolly, can accommodate apparel worth a 3 week holiday. For a similar reason, we never confronted an issue with weight confinements on the airport terminal. Whether you are hitting the beach or the mountainous beauty of an unknown continent, let this electrifying blue SpaceLite strolly be your next travel partner. 

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