New Breakfast Routine with Soulfull Smoothix

I am happy to be introduced to the all-new Millet Smoothix by Soulfull, a leading Indian food brand. Unlike other smoothies you can make at home, this one comes with the goodness of 12 grains. Which, is 23% of Ragi, Jowar, Bajra, Foxtail Millet, Cereals and Pulses and 18% of Wheat, Maize, Oats, Brown Rice, Fried Gram, Barley, Green Gram, and Horse Gram. With no sugar, no preservatives, no artificial ingredients – only grains and jaggery! It’s an instant healthy smart food, which is good for the farmer, for you, and for the planet. Easy to prepare, tasty to drink, keeps your hunger satisfied. All you have to do is, add, shake and drink.

Here’s what I received – Soulfull Millet Smoothix Almond & Cocoa Lite

Soulfull Smoothix

Soulfull Millet Smoothix Almond Tasting Experience

This particular blend is powered, by 12 natural grains and comes in an exciting almond health mix. Since, its an instant mix, you can stir it with both cold and hot milk, and there you have, a power dose to keep you going all day long. A single unit of Soulfull Millet Smoothix Almond mix comes with 2-single smoothix sachets, along with, an attractive shaker. The overall taste, of this mix, is dominated by the essence of almonds, but most importantly, one sachet is sufficient to keep you stuffed for a very long time.

Cocoa Lite Tasting Experience

The Cocoa Lite flavour, on the other hand, is dominated by the essence of chocolate. I’d say, great for kids and adults that are chocolate lovers. I think you can also use this mix to prepare healthy chocolate flavoured pancakes for breakfast. It has the goodness of 12 grains and contains absolutely no sugar and no preservatives. Don’t think your breakfast can get healthier and delicious than this!

Soulfull Red Sipper

Last but not least, I received this beautiful red Soulfull Sipper as a surprise element in my lovely hamper. It has become my new gym and workout companion! All in all, I love the protein mix. I think there’s no better way to increase metabolism and go healthy, than by consuming this perfect blend of 12 super grains in the morning.

You will be amazed by the results.

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