The Insider’s Guide to Singapore’s Luxurious Hotels

Singapore Luxurious Hotels

The top luxury hotels of Singapore, feature spectacular views, rooftop pools, Michelin-starred restaurants, jaw-dropping skylines, and luxurious rooms. (Everywhere in Downtown Singapore, Sentosa Island, Marina Bay, and on the Singapore Strait) Arrive in style, to board Asia’s largest luxury cruise, Genting Dream, or land at Marina Bay Sands, a dazzling conclave offering the best views of Singapore Strait. Staying at Singapore’s luxurious hotels is indeed a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Marina Bay Sands Veidehi Gite

Singapore’s Luxurious Hotels

Genting Dream sails softly towards the South China Sea, embracing balcony staterooms with Floor-to-ceiling windows for best views. While, at Marina Bay Sands, you land into a grand setting imposing contemporary chandelier hangs in the surrounding views of the skyline. Not only, do these sprawling luxury properties offer a breather from the hustle bustle of the cities, but also, stylish accommodation steeped in colonial elegance.

Singapore Top Hotels

Genting Dream

Genting Dream, apart from being the most luxurious cruise on the Asian turf, is also a melting pot of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Singaporean cuisine. 70% of Genting Dream’s rooms are deluxe balcony staterooms, exuding class and beauty, both in one frame. Start your day with onboard adventures like Zip-lining and water sliding while end it by sleeping on a feather-light pillow. Being close to the equator, Singapore gets the benefit of rising sun’s hot temperature, best suited for in-room tanning. The balconies are the highlights of Genting Dream, under no circumstances are you missing that room.

Marina Bay Sands

Who doesn’t want to stay at this hotel, that tops Asia’s luxury hotels list for so many reasons? Whether to swim, in the world’s longest and highest infinity pool! (with phenomenal cityscapes) Or to observe glittering cityscape and Gardens by the Bay from the comfort of your magnificent rooms. By the way, while you are here, do range over the food court and the luxurious shopping stores.

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