Visit the Great Sibelius Monument of Helsinki

Come here to particularly comprehend the eagerness of tourists taking zillion pictures of the sculpture. To begin with, the silver pipes known to reflect the change of season are a pleasure to watch. Moreover, the Sibelius monument ensnares the sounds of singing birds, reverberates ocean breeze and provides music to organs. Without a doubt, this is an entrancing approach to pay respect to national author Jean Sibelius.

Sibelius was a famous Finnish composer and violinist of the early modern era. In addition, he his assistance had led to Finland building up a national personality during the fight for freedom. In fact, the Finnish 100 note portrayed Sibelius’s picture until 2002.

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Finland’s Unbreakable Bond with Jean Sibelius

Jean Sibelius set a fine example of world-class music with his set of 7 orchestras. As a matter of fact, those melodies still performed internationally! In reality, Sibelius got his inspiration from nature and Norse’s mythology. Similarly, critical is that Finland observes Flag day on author’s birthday every year. This day is likewise known as the day of Finnish Music. The Finnish government hosts special events on 8th-December each year, to honour Sibelius. Correspondingly, Finland threw a special celebration for the 150th anniversary of Jean Sibelius in 2015.

Sibelius Monument

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Eila Hiltunen’s Soul resides in the Sibelius Monument

This breathtaking monument situated in the lush Sibelius park of Helsinki was curated by Hiltunen and first displayed in 1967. The main monument features 600 hollow and corrosion-free stainless steel pipes hand-finished by Hiltunen. Furthermore, Hiltunen added the face of Sibelius adjacent to the primary model to address her critics. Overall, the monument measures 24 tonnes, and features wave patterns, to present the essence of Sibelius’s music. 

Hiltunen’s Determination Behind Sibelius Monument

Hiltunen applied MIG welding technology to texture the outer surface of the pipes. Thereafter, the monument was assembled in the park from 14 different elements. Even today after 35 years of its placement the materials show no signs of corrosion. I think this is an interesting piece of art by Hiltunen, who deserves an applaud herself. Therefore, do visit Sibelius Monument on your next Finland trip to admire its contemporary design. 

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