Helsinki’s Grand Tribute, the Sibelius Monument

This one monument in Helsinki, undoubtedly, qualifies to be the most photographed one. Hundreds of tourists, gather every day, to take pictures with this modern Sibelius Monument. You will have to park your car a little ahead of the park. When you first begin to walk towards the Sibelius monument, you will start noticing the tall trees along with the lush surroundings. Beautiful green landscapes, complemented by subtle woodwind instrumental music, given, a local musician is playing that day.

My first sighting of this grand Sibelius Monument is a vision to remember forever. From a far distance, the silver archetype looks like a short musical wave. Composed of several silver pipes, the Sibelius Monuments is known to reflect the change of season. I have heard that Sibelius monument springes the sounds of singing birds, ocean breeze, and organ music. Once I got close to the monument, I noticed, locals indulging in Yoga, tourists cheerfully clicking pictures, old couples walking hand-in-hand, and romantic couples seated on benches.

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Jean Sibelius, Singer or Freedom Fighter? 

Jean Sibelius was a famous Finnish composer and violinist of the early modern era. Not only, did Sibelius contribute through his music, but also, by building a national personality during the freedom war. By all means, Finland has done a fantastic job by constructing this monument, to pay respect to Sibelius. In fact, Finland also showcased Sibelius’s picture on the Finnish 100 Markka note until 2002. After that, the currency itself was replaced by the Euro. 

Sibelius Monument

But, change of currency, could not prevent from Finland to mark a dignitary honour to this great historic man. For the same reason, Finland observes its Flag day on Sibelius’ birthday each year. This Birthday gets more special when it also gets celebrated as the day of Finnish Music. So, if you are wondering when was he born? Then, let me kill the mystery for you! Sibelius was born on 8th-December. To mark the day, Finnish government hosts special events on this day. Recently, Finland organised a special 150th-anniversary celebration for Jean Sibelius in 2015.

Eila Hiltunen created the Sibelius Monument

Sibelius Monument, in the Sibelius park of Helsinki, was first curated and displayed by Hiltunen in 1967. Measuring 24 tonnes, this incredible Monument features wave patterns, to present the essence of Sibelius’ music. Hiltunen hand-finished almost 600 hollow and corrosion-free, stainless steel pipes, before the final display. Not only, did Hiltunen apply MIG welding technology to texture the pipes, but also, assembled the monument from 14 different elements. Even after 35 years, the pipes show no signs of corrosion! Indeed, an interesting piece of art by Hiltunen, deserving an applaud. 

Although, the appreciation didn’t come easily to Eila Hiltunen, as she had to face many critics. Therefore, she decided to add Sibelius’ picture next to the monument, which led to a traditional acceptance. Jean Sibelius had set a fine example, of world-class music with his musical set of 7 orchestras. Therefore, this Monument is in a perfect setting, for someone who got his musical inspiration from nature and Norse’s mythology. I highly recommend you to visit this contemporary landmark on your next trip to Helsinki, in Finland.

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