When Stardom met Stargazing through Shaadi by Marriott in Indore

Shaadi By Marriott Indore

Shaadi by Marriott is a new initiative in India, and in Indore, Rocky Star unfurled bridal and bridegrooms couture collection for the season, on 20th January 2019. Indore Marriott welcomed this luxuriant night with an enticing entrance, leading into the sprawling luxuries of a well-decorated lawn. It was only natural, for the open-air space under a sky full of stars to magnify the glamour quotient tonight. Then again, so far, Shaadi by Marriott has only been executed by J.W. Marriott hotels in the best of Indian cities. Therefore, it was a brilliant initiative by GM Devesh Rawat to introduce this event to Indore and create a new milestone, for both the city, as well as, the hotel.

Shaadi By Marriott Bar

On this very day, the spacious Indore Marriott lawn was laced with a stunning outdoor bar, featuring top of the class mixologists along with, a timeless wedding reception setup. A reception design so incredible, that it could describe an entire wedding and as extravagant and lavish as you imagined it to be! All that in the presence of wedding specialists who ensure flawless execution until the night winds down. Marriott values your extraordinary moments, like their own, which is what Shaadi by Marriott portrayed the entire evening.

Shaadi By Marriott Cakes

Although, the most glamorous part of this pre-wedding showcase was the wide-display of culinary art ranging across elegant 3 tier wedding cakes to numerous global specialities. The menu flaunted a variety of unique salads, cold meats, cold and warm appetisers and multiple stalls of world-class international cuisine for the main course.

Shaadi By Marriott Cold Meats

Desserts, however, went like hotcakes! From Icecreams served with a choice of your toppings to traditionally-authentic Indian desserts like Ghevar, the spread was very generous with a range of options.

Aman Verma Shaadi by Marriott

Close to 9 PM, Aman Verma, the renowned actor and anchor introduced Shaadi by Marriott to the invitees. Soon after, followed a breathtaking bottle flipping act by a famed mixologist, preceded by a live dance performance.

Shaadi by Marriott Bartenders

Then came the most-celebrated models of India on the stage, to grace the Shaadi by Marriott event with a sophisticated runway walk. Dressed in wedding costumes designed by Rocky S, an internationally acclaimed fashion designer, each one of these fashion models set the stage ablaze.

Madhu Sneha Shaadi by Marriott
Madhu Sneha

Shaadi by Marriott in Indore

Shaadi by Marriott Wedding Collection by Rocky S

Some of the prominent runway walkers who walked the ramp were Madhu Sneha, Anjali Lavania, Iris Maity, Manasi Moghe, Shahnawaz Alam, and Taher Shabbir. Turned out to be a remarkable show directed by Sourabh Kant Shrivastava, and well-executed by Indore Marriott’s event partners!

Taher Shabbir Shaadi by Marriott

By the time, the ramp walk ended, Indore Marriott was gleaming full swing with stardom under a full moon night. (As if, hand-crafted for stargazing) That’s the added advantage of hosting a wedding at Indore Marriott lawns which throughout the year, offer great views of a diamond-studded sky. Nevertheless, for us, the magic began after the show when we caught the showstopper Taher Shabbir in a candid moment singing “Gulaabi Aankhen,” with the Live music band. He is kind! He is generous, and yes, we are a fan already! While we are gearing up to watch his upcoming movie, Manikarnika, the Queen of Jhansi, on 25th January, here have a look at Taher Shabbir singing and enjoying himself.

Taher Shabbir singing

Subsequently, the music faded away and the wedding celebrations concluded with everyone tasting their favourite foods that seamlessly turned the festivities into Feastivities. If you’d like  to craft a rose-tinted dream wedding into a memorable reality, then Indore Marriott with their tailor-built services, should be your first stop. Like they say, destination weddings, your day, your way!

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